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Randstad history 2005 2010
1960 1975 1983 1980 2000 2008
Randstad history
Randstad history 1980 Randstad history 1998

Jacques van den Broek appointed CEO
Randstad acquires part of European staffing activities of USG People
Randstad acquires SFN Group in North America
50th anniversary Randstad
Integration with Vedior succesfully completed
2008 2008
Acquisition of Vedior
2007 2007
Acquisition of JobOne in Switzerland;
Randstad promoted to AEX index;
Randstad expands Formula 1 partnership with AT&T Williams;
acquisition Team BS in Germany
2006 2006
Acquisition of Bindan & Teccon in Germany, Team4U in India, Talent Shanghai in China and PinkRoccade HR Services;
first branch opens in Tokyo, Japan;
revenue exceeds € 8 billion
2005 2005
Forty-fifth anniversary Randstad;
start up in China;
Randstad enters Indian market;
acquisition of Galilei in Belgium;
acquisition of Gamma Dienstverlening in the Netherlands;
acquisition of Martin Ward Anderson in UK
2004 2004
Acquisition of Arvako in Sweden and Take Air staffing in France, start of staffing activities in Poland and Hungary;
Randstad market leader in Poland after acquisition of Intersource and Job Net
Ben Noteboom appointed CEO
2002 2002
Cleem Farla appointed CEO;
Tempo-Team acquires JMW Horeca Uitzendbureau.
2001 2001
Randon is sold to Securicor;
acquisition of Securicor Recruitment Services in UK;
installation board of directors
2000 2000
Fortieth anniversary Randstad;
acquisitions of Mobile in France, Temps & Co in the US and Umano in Spain;
Hedson and newmonday.com are launched;
Lavold is sold to ISS; start of staffing activities in Portugal;
christening ceremony of the Clipper Stad Amsterdam;
revenues exceed NLG 13 billion (€ 5.8 billion)
Acquisitions of Tempo Grup in Spain and time power in Germany;
staffing activities launched in Italy
1998 1998
Founder and President and Chief Executive Officer Frits Goldschmeding is succeeded by Hans Zwarts;
acquisitions of Strategix Solutions in the United States and of Life and Work in Switzerland;
first share offering since initial public offering in 1990; revenues exceed NLG 9 billion (€ 4 billion)
1997 1997
1,000th branch opens;
acquisitions of staffing organization SejersenGruppen in Denmark and LTI Bourgogne in France;
start of staffing activities in Canada
1996 1996
Randstad Staffing Services deploys 16,000 staffing employees at the Olympic Games in Atlanta;
revenues reach NLG 6 billion (€ 2.7 billion)
1995 1995
Staffing organization Optiman in Switzerland acquired;
start of staffing activities in Luxembourg
1994 1994
Acquisitions of Inter Techniek and Polydesign
1993 1993
Entry into the United States staffing market with the acquisitions of staffing organizations Temp Force and Jane Jones; start of staffing activities in Spain
1992 1992
Largest acquisition to date: the Flex Group;
expansion of automation services through HCS Group acquisition; revenues pass NLG 3 billion (€ 1.3 billion)
1991 1991
500th branch opens
1990 1990
Randstad shares listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange;
net income over NLG 90 million (€ 40 million);
new headquarters open in Diemen (Amsterdam)
1989 1989
Randstad reenters the U.K. staffing market;
revenues exceed NLG 2 billion (€ 907 million)
1988 1988
Start of automation services;
Randstad Options Fund Foundation (Stichting Randstad Optiefonds) for corporate employees is established
1985 1985
Silver jubilee celebrations;
257 branches in four countries with 1,600 corporate and 35,000 staffing employees working via Randstad daily;
revenues top NLG 1 billion (€ 453 million)
1983 1983
Uitzendbureau Tempo-Team and cleaning company Lavold acquired
1981 1981
Staffing activities in the U.K. end
1980 1980
Randstad founds Randon in the Netherlands to launch entry into the security sector;
Group revenues exceed NLG 500 million (€ 226 million)
1979 1979
Opening of 100th branch;
net income exceeds NLG 10 million (€ 4.5 million)
1978 1978
Company name changes to Randstad Holding nv
1976 1976
Cleaning activities launched in the Netherlands following Korrekt takeover
1975 1975
The acquisition of Belglas provides access to the Belgian cleaning market
1974 1974
Cleaning activities start in Germany
1973 1973
Randstad enters the French market;
revenues top NLG 100 million (€ 45 million)
1971 1971
Net income passes the NLG 1 million milestone (€ 453 thousand)
1970 1970
Randstad starts the 1970’s with 32 branches in four countries;
revenues exceed NLG 47 million (€ 20 million)
1968 1968
Staffing activities launched in Germany
1967 1967
The U.K. becomes the next international market
1965 1965
First move towards internationalization: Interlabor Interim is launched in Belgium
1964 1964
The company takes a new name: Randstad Uitzendbureau
1960 1960
Uitzendbureau Amstelveen founded;
first year’s net income is NLG 9.08 (€ 4.12)