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shaping the world of work

Our company mission is “Shaping the world of work”. In the work that we do everyday in the world of human resources, we contribute to the communities in which we live and work. We help people to find the right jobs, and this has a positive impact on their lives. For our clients, we focus on providing best talent, allowing them to achieve business objectives by focusing on core activities. This contribution to society and our ability to influence our industry to set high standards, best practice and benchmarks, is the mission that drives us everyday.

Global campaign for 'True value'
We are committed to meeting essential and changing needs in the workplace: flexibility of labor, improved productivity and outsourcing of HR-related activities. It is our commitment to an intimate understanding of the needs and aspirations of our candidates and clients that enables us, as the Randstad Group, to claim leadership in the world of work .

The campaign shows that it is the individual who represents the real value in the world of work. That is the message we want to drive home. The fact that Randstad really understands what makes the difference. The construction industry is nothing without the people with the skills, knowledge and hard work that make our infrastructure happen. A call center is a hightech environment, but no more than a cluster of hardware if there are no people to use it. These are just two of countless examples that illustrate that the true value of a company lies in its people.

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