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our services

We believe that creating the best solutions in HR services means always doing more and going further. We need to understand the present and future needs of our clients and candidates. The better we know our clients and candidates, the better we can match their needs and exceed their expectations. Randstad is known for its firm and consistent values (to know, serve and trust) , which we summarize through our philosophy ‘good to know you’.

Randstad has 5 distinctive service concepts:


Temporary staffing, permanent placement and (high-volume) specialties (these are specific market segments on which dedicated units focus) are our core business. A key factor that differentiates Randstad from other companies is our unique unit structure. Each unit consists of two consultants who are responsible for both client service and candidate selection. They work as a team, ensuring one is always available to our clients and candidates. The teams are often dedicated to specific specialties. The consultants are experts in the local labor market, and become experts in their clients’ businesses, understanding their needs and the candidate
profile that best meets them. They recruit temporary or permanent employees and make the match.


For middle and senior management positions, we recruit supervisors, managers, professionals, interim specialists and consultants with professional qualifications. These specialists can be engineers, IT or finance specialists and professionals from a growing number of other disciplines such as HR, legal, marketing & communication. The roles they fulfill are those of interim managers, project managers or specialist project team members.

Search & selection

In several countries, we have subsidiaries specializing exclusively in recruitment of middle and senior managers for permanent positions within client organizations. These services include a number of related recruitment and training programs that are often fixed fee-based.

Inhouse services

This concept specializes in the provision of high-volume, skilled flexible labor; aimed at improving labor flexibility, retention, productivity and efficiency. The concept provides a complete HR process from recruitment and selection, introduction, planning and management of workers through to the provision of detailed management reports.

Unique in this concept is process management. Highly trained process managers focus on creating lean staffing solutions and reducing waste in HR processes aligned with specific performance criteria of individual large scale clients. The concept is always executed on-site by a dedicated account team which works exclusively for one account.

HR solutions & managed services

We offer a comprehensive range of HR project management, HR management and HR consultancy services that are based on our extensive experience in this field. The range, from outplacement, career management and payroll management for small and medium enterprises to major HR process outsourcing services for large corporations, frees up time to allow our client HR managers to concentrate on essential strategic HR issues for their company. These services are usually offered separately from our regular staffing and permanent placement offering, and are almost always fixed fee-based.

We are a global partner for MSP and RPO and will enable you to manage and organize your global and local contingent labor needs. You will gain greater visibility, control and can alleviate your valuable corporate resources to focus on your core business.

Contact information:

We have a presence in over 40 countries. Please browse our overview of worldwide operations for local contact information

The Global Client Solutions department for international requests

The Randstad department for Global Client Solutions provides an experienced team of International Account Directors, Account Development Managers and Account Officers who work with clients looking for a total HR offering across multiple countries. Our international team delivers expertise of global and local labor markets specific to certain industries.
We focus on long term relationships, quality of delivery and continuous innovation for your HR needs. > Read more

For more information, please contact us or alternatively contact: 

Yvette Schuthof, Global Client Solutions
Phone: +31 (0)20 569 50 59