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Global Sector Report 2013 - FMCG (2014 report available in May)

A company’s success hinges on the quality of its employees, and in today’s highly competitive job market, employer branding is a crucial tool for attracting and retaining the right kind of talent. A strong employer brand image raises your visibility in the job market and makes you stand out from the competition. It also encourages existing employees to identify with your company, enhancing their motivation, engagement and productivity. In order to strengthen your employer brand, however, you need insights into how your organization and your sector are perceived by potential employees and the public at large. The research Randstad has undertaken provides these insights.

Key findings are that respondents currently working in the FMCG sector rate respect from colleagues (53%), feeling part of a team’(52%) and open and honest communication (50%) as the three most important factors contributing to a pleasant working environment. And, amongst respondents that knew one or more companies operating in the FMCG sector, this sector ranked #4 in the global list of most attractive sectors to work in: 39% would like to work in the FMCG industry – a relatively stable percentage compared with 40% in 2012 and 37% in 2011.

This global sector report contains these insights, and much more, for the FMCG sector across all surveyed countries.

Download the full 2013 Global Sector Report – FMCG

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