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Career development opportunities

The Randstad Group offers career development to employees at all levels. Career moves can be horizontal (new areas of expertise or service); vertical (added competencies and extra responsibility) and diagonal (growth in both horizontal and vertical directions).

In some cases career development could involve a new position in another country. Our positions abroad are geared toward developing our level of international management experience. To be a candidate, you must be recommended via the annual appraisals and individual development plan cycles. Management level employees can then possibly be expatriated through and supported by the Group HR team. Assignments may range from a few months to a few years depending on the needs, ambitions and opportunities of the candidate and the position.

International work experience can also be gained through volunteering in developing countries through our partnership with Voluntary Service Overseas [hyperlink to VSO section]. To find out what opportunities there are to start your career with Randstad, search our vacancy database.

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