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Professionalism, vision and values are what make us a wonderful employer.

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our promise to you

We attract the best people and we invest in their development. We challenge them to perform to the best of their ability and to seize the opportunities our global company has to offer.  Great people, great opportunities. That's our promise. It expresses the commitment between Randstad and its best people, a building block in our strategy. Learn more about the people and our opportunies and find out if our mission and values fit yours.

Randstad in numbers

  • number of Randstad employees 29,750
    corporate employees
  • Randstad candidates put to work 597,400
    people employed daily
  • Randstad offices worldwide 4,473
    offices in 39 countries
  • training programs 120
    training programs globally

"You're an entrepreneur from day one"

Jacques van den Broek, CEO and chairman of Randstad states that the diversity of the company and the dynamic market offers our people various opportunities to stay with us for a long time. 

what does big data mean to you?

 "I think HR has to be in the front row understanding what's happening, and very quickly translate this into usable strategy, seeing where opportunities lie and figuring out how to make them work."

Faith Tull

Senior Vice-President, Human Resources
Faith Tull
Faith Tull Randstad HR

Faith Tull - Senior Vice President HR see Faith on Linked In

Faith is a seasoned Human Resources professional with over 25 years of experience in the Human Resources discipline. At Randstad Canada, she’s responsible for leading and directing the Human Resources team and contributing to the achievement of the organization’s short and long term business objectives through the development of leading edge human resources programs and services. Faith reviews and establishes HR business priorities on an ongoing basis to ensure results have a positive impact on internal & external clients, and continues to position Randstad as an employer of choice.

  • was once a door-to-door salesperson
  • went to high school with Kiefer Sutherland
  • interviewed Gladys Knight

leadership at Randstad

Our leaders make the difference in the dynamic world of work by leading their teams towards outperforming client expectations. We are looking for that special combination of the best and brightest in our industry with a genuine care for people.

Luuk Brouwer - Project Manager

"I had the opportunity to create, to develop and be part of an organization that is constantly changing and evolving."

Angela Tenerelli

Director Marketing Communications Italy
Angela Tenerelli Randstad Italy
Angela Tenerelli Randstad Italy

Angela Tenerelli - Director Marketing Communications Italy see Angela on LinkedIn

Working in the HR industry gives me the opportunity to maximize an employee’s potential so that he or she is able to make an impact and can contribute to the overall performance of an organization. 

  • strategic marketing
  • management
  • marketing communications

"Be an expert in your industry: work hard and work smart"

Team leader Maggie Li at Randstad Hong Kong together with her team of consultants, take the lead as experts and use their expertise to grow our business. 

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Randstad happy employees

"We are able to find more candidates for our clients"

Patrick Ferron, Web & Mobile IT Manager, Randstad Group France creates digital desktop and mobile applications that save time, money and make the connect between candidates and clients ever easier.

Our 30,000 employees celebrated our 55 year history this year with the biggest global party ever seen.

diversity & inclusion

At Randstad we do not discriminate on the basis of age, skin color, disability, gender, marital status, nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation. We look at diversity from a value-add perspective and we link this with inclusion, thereby building a strong organizational culture where all employees can contribute to their full potential and are provided with equal opportunity of advancement in their careers at Randstad.

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