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Economic climate leads to more short-term jobs


Economic climate leads to more short-term jobs

Economic climate leads to more short-term jobs
The economic uncertainty that has been prevalent across the globe in recent years has led to most countries seeing a decline in employment level as firms worry about their future.

However, as well as the number of jobs reducing, one expert has claimed that a trend has also developed in this market for shorter-term jobs because they allow firms to take people on without a commitment.

Tara Daynes, an HR consultant and trainer, said that it can be a good way for them to ensure that they are well staffed, with enough people to carry out the tasks it needs done, but also without having a financial burden over a number of years.

It means that if they have more economic worries further down the line, they can simply let members of staff on shorter contracts go, leaving themselves with less of a problem dealing with their monetary situation.

"With regards to getting permanent positions, the current economic climate means that employers are often reluctant at the moment to put forward a permanent vacancy because they just don't know what their needs will be in the future. So a lot of the time they will actually have people on a short term basis with a view to potentially going permanent once they actually know what the future holds for them," she said.

However, she did also go on to add that this can be problematic for those who are looking for something a little more secure in their employment.

"Ultimately that does mean that there are very few permanent positions available. There may be vacancies for fixed terms and so on but many employers just don't want to [open up] a permanent vacancy at the moment. That said, few people actually go into permanent roles permanently anyway."

With the trend for flexible working becoming more prevalent all the time across the globe, it could be favourable for firms and staff alike to have the opportunity to capitalize on the ever-increasing trend for short-term temporary jobs.

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Posted: 16 November 2012 18:10:00
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