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More Chinese people now looking for jobs overseas


More Chinese people now looking for jobs overseas

More Chinese people now looking for jobs overseas
The Chinese economy has recovered, alongside the likes of India, better than most over the past few months, thanks to the fact that there is now a higher proportion of companies doing business, particularly in the manufacturing sector, where the country provides millions of jobs. However, there are now a high number of Chinese taking the chance of labor migration to seek out skilled work overseas as well as a good number finding jobs at home.

People from China who have skilled backgrounds, such as university graduates, can often find it hard to find work because of the fact that there are not a high number of positions readily available in the sectors that they have opted to train in as there are in less-skilled environments.

However, many are able to find such jobs overseas, and countries such as Australia are often able to welcome those with training in IT, with this country in particular seeking to fill 35,000 jobs in coming years with skilled foreign workers, thanks to a shortage in Australia.

Now, China Daily has reported that a high number are also heading to the US to find work, due to the fact that their job prospects across the world are slightly better.

The news provider has said that there are some 87,000 Chinese who left the country last year to become legal permanent residents (LPRs) of the US to find work on a Green Card, showing the importance of labor migration.

It also said that Chinese people made up 8.2 per cent of more than a million immigrants heading to the country to work legally, sitting behind only Mexico, which saw 15 per cent of all of those offered a Green Card.

Companies hiring people from overseas can be important, and very useful to their operation, because it can often be the case that they find a skill which is not as widespread in their own country, while those coming in from foreign markets can often be hard workers, as they have moved country just for this reason.

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Posted: 17 April 2012 17:10:00
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