agreements with shareholders

In 2007, the company finalized an agreement with Mr. Frits Goldschmeding, Randstad founder and leading shareholder, and his inheritors, on their shareholding. Frits Goldschmeding’s objective remains explicitly to continue his position as a long-term shareholder through direct ownership or eventually through his inheritors. The leading ambition for all parties involved is to secure the company’s continuity, strategic position and development, now and in the future. Such commitment justifies assigning one seat as member of the supervisory board. The main points of the agreement are as follows: 

  • Lock-up: in the event of Mr. Goldschmeding’s passing, his inheritors will be bound to a lock-up of at least 12 months, meaning that during that year they will carry out no actions concerning their direct or indirect interests in Randstad Holding, nor will any changes take place in the strategy as it is pursued by Randstad Holding.
  • Grace period: if the inheritors intend to divest all or part of the shares after the lock-up period, they shall give written notice of this intended divestment to the executive and supervisory boards six months in advance.
  • Consultations: after receiving such notice, the boards will enter into consultation with the inheritors, and they can propose candidates or alternative candidates while taking account of the interests of the inheritors and the continuity of Randstad Holding nv. Such a proposal should be made within four months after receipt of the notification from the inheritors. This ruling only applies as long as the total interest of the inheritors amounts to more than 33.3% of all issued and outstanding ordinary shares in Randstad Holding nv.
  • Supervisory board seat: Randstad Beheer (the investment vehicle through which the majority of family shares is held) has the right to nominate one member of the supervisory board after Mr. Goldschmeding’s third term in the supervisory board, or at an earlier stage in case his membership of the supervisory board is terminated before the Annual General Meeting in 2011. The person to be nominated should fulfill the qualities that are required of a supervisory executive of an international company and the nomination shall be submitted to the Annual General Meeting.
  • These rights and obligations will cease to be applicable as soon as the interests of the inheritors fall below 25% of all issued and outstanding ordinary shares in Randstad Holding nv.

As far as the company is aware, this is the sole arrangement with a shareholder that can limit the transfer of (depository receipts of) shares or of voting rights.