CB Insights: Randstad  one of the most active corporate investors in HR Technology

13 December 2016

CB Insights published their top 10 list of most active corporate HR tech start-up financiers in November. We are proud of the fact that Randstad (Randstad Innovation Fund) is included in this list.


Randstad Innovation Fund invests in gamification pioneer Pymetrics

9 February 2016

Randstad Innovation Fund (RIF) joins Pymetrics’ Series A financing with Mercer, a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. and Khosla Ventures. The investment seeks to accelerate the development and go-to-market of Pymetrics, a pioneer in using big data, neuroscience and gamification to draw personal career and job recommendations.

Based on a combination of simple games of about 2 minutes each on a web or mobile interface, Pymetrics collects millions of data points and measures 90 dimensions, across cognitive and emotional traits. The richness and breadth of Pymetrics’ recommendation engine allows to guide talent towards the right career, jobs and culture fit.

Randstad Innovation Fund invests in HR reporting and analytics platform Crunchr

15 January 2016

Randstad Innovation Fund (RIF) is leading a Seed financing in Focus Orange Technology B.V., and further strengthens its portfolio of HR technology companies around talent acquisition and workforce management. The investment is directed at the development of Crunchr, Focus Orange’s analytics platform. Crunchr collects, validates and consolidates people data into meaningful insights around strategic workforce planning, succession, talent management and employee preferences. Analyses are presented in multi-dimensional reports while the built-in learn function helps users translate insights into action. 

“Crunchr fits Randstad’s objective to offer comprehensive total talent management solutions,” says Randstad Executive Board member Linda Galipeau. “We have high expectations of Crunchr’s HR-analytics tool and of its potential to give our clients insights in their human capital and workforce planning.”

Randstad Innovation Fund invests in talent quality platform Checkster

9 July 2015

Randstad Innovation Fund (RIF) is investing in Checkster and further strengthens its portfolio of technology companies around talent management. Checkster’s primary solution is a web-based reference tool that leverages new science of collective intelligence to improve talent decisions and quality of hire. 

"We are pleased to add Checkster to our ecosystem of innovative HR technologies. Checkster’s suite aligns with Randstad’s goal to offer comprehensive talent management and to make use of collective intelligence to improve the quality of hires,” says Paul Jacquin, Managing Partner at Randstad Innovation Fund.

Randstad Innovation Fund invests in real-time messaging platform Brazen

25 June 2015

Randstad Innovation Fund (RIF) is investing in Brazen, its fifth investment to date. The Brazen platform allows organizations to schedule and host chat-based online meetups and events to engage a wide variety of audiences. More than 150 customers including Raytheon, Amtrak and Gannett are using the Brazen platform to engage existing employees and attract and hire new talent. 

"It’s critical for organizations to find out how to engage with Talent: the importance of chat events is increasing in this respect,” says Linda Galipeau, CEO Randstad North America and Chair of the Randstad Innovation Fund. "Brazen fits nicely into our strategy to have an integrated tech-enabled approach towards global talent engagement."

Randstad Innovation Fund invests in VONQ/Qandidate.com

4 November 2014

Randstad Innovation Fund's fourth investment was made in VONQ and Qandidate.com, with Qmulus as co-investor.  

“With this investment we are able to anticipate on two emerging trends in the recruitment marketing space,” says Linda Galipeau, Executive Board member at Randstad. “On the one hand we see that large companies show a stronger demand for more sophisticated recruitment marketing campaigns and techniques to find and attract the best talent, while on the other hand we see the demand from SMEs for a free recruitment functionality with an intelligent in-system media webshop to create and activate their online recruitment campaigns.”

Randstad Innovation Fund invests in RolePoint

22 September 2014

The Randstad Innovation Fund has invested in RolePoint, its third investment after Gigwalk and twago. Working with both small and medium-sized companies as well as Fortune 100 clients and based between San Francisco, New York and London, RolePoint is the leading employee referrals platform for the enterprise.

With referrals being a dominant source of hires for companies, RolePoint promotes engagement and increases participation across the entire employee base. By empowering employees to seamlessly match their social connections to the relevant vacancies, RolePoint improves the quality of referrals and enhances the experience.

Randstad Innovation Fund invests in twago

7 July 2014

Randstad Innovation Fund is made its second investment, this time in twago, the largest pan-European online marketplace for freelance work. 

“With this investment, we recognize the trend of remote freelance work via platforms”, says Linda Galipeau, executive board member at Randstad. “The market of online platforms for freelance projects has great growth potential. This way of working eliminates geographical borders for project work and gives SME companies access to experts worldwide.”

Randstad launches the Randstad Innovation Fund with investment in Gigwalk

20 March 2014

Randstad Holding nv launched the Randstad Innovation Fund, a strategic corporate venture fund to invest in HR technology companies. HR technologies ensure future, innovative solutions to make HR processes more efficient and bring fresh answers to HR challenges.

The fund's first investment was in Gigwalk, an online platform that enables leading consumer brands and retailers to track and improve retail execution by using the world's largest network of mobile-enabled independent contractors.