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To contribute to our ultimate goal of touching the work lives of 500 million people worldwide by 2030, we have developed around 100 social innovation programs that improve employability and promote equal opportunities. 

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Randstad Argentina runs various projects and supports local programs. One program they have supported over many years is the program against child labor called ‘Jardines de Cosecha’ (Harvest Kindergarten). The program runs during the harvesting season, and provides rural workers with a safe place to leave their children during the day. The program also raises local awareness about child labor and offers children alternatives in the form of a training process for future employability. Over 2,600 children come to the 22 child centers on average.


Clients increasingly want to be sure that sustainability is taken seriously within their supply chains and are now demanding a more proactive approach to sustainability from their suppliers, including Randstad. To explain to clients from the construction industry what it means to build and maintain a sustainable workforce for the future, Randstad UK has launched a new external website. Core themes covered include women in construction, employing workers with a medical condition, and making use of local workers and students in construction


Together with acclaimed illustrator-cartoonist Antoine Chereau, Randstad Institute published a comic entitled ‘l’Egalité est un long fleuvetranquille’ (Equality is a long quiet river). It consists of 68 funny and provocative drawings on the themes of youth and senior employment, gender equality, diversity and religion in business. Companies and organizations can use this book to support their own actions in favor of equal opportunities. In addition, each book sold will support Randstad Institute's partners in their fight against discrimination.


In 2018, the Randstad Foundation in Spain organized various initiatives to promote inclusive workforces for people with special needs, through collaborative projects with companies, social entities and public administration. Examples include giving advice and training to the unemployed; training people with special needs; specific training for university students with a disability in collaboration with UOC University and UNIR University; and offering English classes to people with a disability.

In 2018, the Randstad Foundation also developed a new collaborative project to give specific professional training to people with special needs. Thanks to this training, which has been recognized and approved by the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security, these people are better able to find a job, while at the same time, the companies have the guarantee that these candidates will be available for work. The Foundation also participated in two job fairs for people with a disability.


4.5 million people in Australia have a disability (1 in 5), and the unemployment rate for people with a disability is 9.4%. Yet, this talent pool has a higher level of attendance at work, stays with an organization longer than employees without a disability, and have higher productivity rates. Randstad Australia has partnered with Get Skilled Access, a training and consulting company set up to help organizations learn how to break down the barriers and stigmas to disability employment. Get Skilled Access was co-founded by Dylan Alcott OAM and Nick Morris OAM, and is designed to give real-life experience, delivered by people living with a disability, to help organizations achieve tangible outcomes.

Get Skilled Access is committed to supporting organizations to create a customer-focused training plan delivered by Paralympians and online training to achieve outcomes to improve accessibility and for employees to transform into disability customer service professionals. As part of the partnership, Randstad Australia and Get Skilled Access work together to deliver training to organizations and recruitment strategies to engage this talent pool.

As part of Randstad Australia’s Diversity and Inclusion Circle events, Dylan Alcott held workshops for over 450 of Randstad clients in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney to give advice on breaking down the barriers and stigmas to disability employment. To celebrate the partnership, we recently held the Perfect Match Tennis Day where Australia’s leading CEOs and MDs came to play tennis with the Get Skilled Access and Randstad team. Randstad Australia consultants are currently receiving training from Get Skilled Access.


Randstad Italy has a specific department dedicated to activities for young people called Youth@Work. Its goal is to reduce the gap between education and the job market and help young people in their school/career transition. One of the projects is called ‘Allenarsi per il Futuro’. This activity, carried out in partnership with Bosch, consists of training sessions with companies and sports champions for students at all levels of education, with the aim of creating awareness of the importance of our passions and exploring ways of boosting youth employment through short traineeships.

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