our ultimate goal.

To underpin our commitment to maximizing future employment and contributing to economic growth for society as a whole, we have defined our ultimate goal:

by 2030, we will touch the work lives of 500 million people worldwide

Our ultimate goal, which we launched in 2017, gives words to what we feel and what unites us as a company. It is what we believe in and where we want to go. It will not be an easy goal to achieve, but it motivates us to move forward. We have identified four drivers of our ultimate goal. By rigorously and conscientiously committing ourselves to these drivers, we will be taking the necessary, and measurable, steps towards realizing our ultimate goal.

driver 1

contributing to economic growth

Contributing to economic growth is the most obvious way to create more jobs, which will allow us to touch the work lives of more people. By combining our human touch with technological expertise and data-driven insights, we will empower our candidates and clients to grow, develop, and improve, so they can add value to the economy, both now and in the future. 

Related measured KPIs: revenue, market share, clients, net promoter score.

driver 2

connecting with people

We will connect with people beyond search, selection, staffing, and recruitment. Through our smart solutions and online platforms, we aim to be present at all stages in a person's career, consistently improving their employability and providing training  opportunities where this is appropriate. In today's fast changing world, new technologies, tools, and solutions are redefining the way we interact with people. We combine this with the most important we have to offer: our human touch. 

Related measured KPIs: employees, placements, average length of employment, hires by clients (temp to perm), interns, employees and candidates trained, training hours, digital initiatives, platform visitors and users

driver 3

fostering inclusive employment

We will support the inclusion of people who experience a distance to the labor market, whether it is because of gender, age, ethnicity, disability, or something else. We strongly promote equal opportunities and respect and safeguard human and labor rights in order to maximize future employment for as many people as possible.

Related measured KPIs: employees and candidates by gender, having a disability, younger than 25 or older than 50, candidates placed who have been unemployed more than one year or have no educational degree, injuries, fatalities, business principles incidents, engagement

driver 4

shaping the world of work

As a global player in the labor market, Randstad has indepth knowledge ofthe world of work. Through our daily interaction with clients and candidates, and our continuous dialogue with governments and labor organizations, we take the lead in shaping the world of work. This is, in fact, also our mission. By promoting equal opportunities and contributing to better functioning labor markets in this way, we create for ourselves the opportunity to touch the work lives of more people.

Related measured KPIs: staffing penetration rates, research and publications, thought leadership events, volunteering hours, number of people impacted by volunteering. 

integrated reporting framework.

pillarsour value for clients: optimal workforceour value for candidates: the best jobsour value for employees: employer of choice
material mattersclient data protection • client relationship management • digitalization & data management • tech & touch innovation management• candidate data protection • diversity & inclusive employment • digitalization & data management • tech & touch innovation management • training & education• diversity & inclusive employment • talent attraction & staff retention • tech & touch innovation management • engagement & empowerment • training & education • health & safety management • labor management relations
risks• changing economic and geopolitical conditions • contract liability and delivery • workplace health and safety• technological disruption • information technology and cyber security • workplace health and safety• talent attraction and retention • technological disruption • information technology and cyber security
500 million people plan• enabling clients to improve their performance • developing Tech & Touch innovations• developing Tech & Touch innovations • improving employability • promoting equal opportunities• developing Tech & Touch innovations • improving employability • promoting equal opportunities
KPIs*• # of clients • net promoter score (NPS) • market share • investments in innovation • # of hires by clients (temp to perm) • digital initiatives • # of active platform visitors• # of candidates trained; training hours; training costs • # of candidates • # of permanent placements • average length of employment • # of hires by clients (temp to perm) • # candidates placed youngerthan 25 or older than 50• proportion of males and females in senior leadership positions • # of employees trained; training hours; training costs • employee retention rate • outperformance score • average length of employment and type of contract • employees by age group • # of interns
measurable targets• NPS: top 3 position or position improvement in our top 12 markets • increase market share in our main markets • professionals growth above market • two digitally driven new business models with above average topline growth• increasing # of initiatives to place candidates with disabilities • increasing # of initiatives to guide people from unemployment to employment • permanent placements growth above market• proportion of females in senior leadership positions: 50% in 2017 • outperformance score higher than benchmark (with a participation rate of 80% or higher in the Great People Survey)
SDGs• targets: 8.2 and 8.3• target: 4.4 • targets: 5.1 and 5.5 • targets: 8.2; 8.5 and 8.6 • target: 10.2• target: 4.4 • targets: 5.1 and 5.5 • targets: 8.2; 8.5 and 8.6 • target: 10.2

*Progress on KPIs per pillar is reported both in the value chapters and in the performance section.