inhouse services

Randstad Inhouse Services specializes in the provision of high-volume, skilled flexible labor; aimed at improving labor flexibility, retention, productivity and efficiency

Combining efficient technology systems and the expertise of our workforce consultants, we provide the transparency and optimization needed to make your business better. Catering to clients with high volume staffing needs in logistics, manufacturing, warehouse and contact centers, we do more than just help you fill positions.

you need someone on-site 

Randstad Inhouse Services (RIS) meets organizations’ structural needs for high-volume, skilled flexible labor. We provide a complete HR process from recruitment and selection, introduction, planning and management of workers through to the provision of detailed management reports.

We work on-site so we can customize our processes to the client's specific needs. These are aimed at improving labor flexibility, retention, productivity and efficiency. A dedicated account team works exclusively for one account and creates lean staffing solutions thereby reducing waste in HR processes. Together with our clients, we create the ideal talent pool made up of flexible and permanent staff and in doing so we improve productivity and realize cost savings. Randstad has developed this unique service after years of experience in providing high numbers of flexible staff to clients in specific industries, and it's a key component of what sets us apart from other companies.