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we recruit experts for middle and senior management positions in various areas including IT, engineering, finance and accounting

Our day-to-day immersion in the world of work, as well as working with some of the most renowned employers and innovative companies, gives us the insight and experience to keep up with the accelerated pace of change and the challenges and opportunities it poses to our clients and candidates alike.

you need specialist advice for hiring professionals

Being one of the global HR services organizations, with 6,000+ offices in 39 countries, we’ve constructed an advanced database containing millions of experienced professionals. Our staff of experienced recruiters understands the variety of roles and has the insight and know-how to recruit highly skilled talent. While we recruit across all fields, our focus on IT, Engineering and Finance & Accounting, means we are well positioned to find skilled individuals in these high demand fields.

From a range of different formulas, we select the best way to organize the recruitment and selection process for permanent or freelance personnel in light of your requirements. Your vacancy is in good hands with our specialist consultants, because they are experts in the fields they recruit for. They select the candidate that is the best fit for your organization not just from a perspective of meeting the functional requirements of the job, but also in terms of the fit with the organization culture and the boss. 

we provide the best talent

Our candidates are offered access to an array of work options with some of the best-known and most widely respected global brands. Our individualized approach offers candidates a comprehensive range of services throughout their job search including interview preparation, resume writing, salary negotiations, and more.

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