human forward.

Human Forward. Human Forward.

human forward this movie.

A tribute to the most intricate and powerful computer in the world.

a tribute

a tribute.

To make a tribute to humanity, we have created a movie. With this movie Randstad illustrates that although technology has brought us a lot of innovations, even the most impressive technological invention is less intricate than the humans that have developed it.
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i read it online

i read it online...

The internet  is full of estimates, theories and calculations with regards to the amount of code used in the projects mentioned in the movie. Although we are comparing different things, we merely want to give you some perspective. Software engineers, biologists and other experts have formulated their opinion on the data. This webpage simply offers more context, data and alternate perspectives.

human lines of code

human 'lines' of code.

How did we get to 3.3 billion 'lines' of code in a human? According to Wikipedia the human genome contains the complete genetic information for humans, encoded as DNA within the 23 chromosome pairs in cell nuclei and in a small DNA molecule found within individual mitochondria. Since DNA is organized in pairs, we counted base pairs as human ‘lines' of code. We understand that some will debate a base pair can be compared to a line of code. Just like some might debate the value of lines of code as a whole. We’re not making a scientific claim, our film is merely a tribute to the complexity and intricacy of humans.

what do we mean by 'lines' of code?

Source lines of code (SLOC) is used to measure the size of a computer program by counting the number of lines in the source code. We know that no software engineer measures the value or their work in lines of code. In fact, the best-designed programs often have the fewest lines of code. But it does give us some insight into the magnitude of a project, or its progress over the years.

what do we mean by human lines of code

how many lines of code?

The biggest code base in the world is Google, built on 2 billion lines of code. One human consists of 3.3 billion lines. 36,000 people work at Randstad. Just imagine the impact we can have. Ready for some more interesting facts?

Simple iOS game

10,000 lines of code


80,000 lines of code

Windows 3.1

4.5 million lines of code

Hubble Space Telescope

2 million lines of code

HD DVD player Xbox

4.7 million lines of code

average OS

50 million lines of code