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客户质量工程师 in Guangdong

Guangdong, Guangdong
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CNY 5,000 每年
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job description


- Complete evaluation of the dedicated in the Quality Stauts Report for all industrialisation issues, which is aligned with EQM-PR

- Tracking that projects are managed according CP 303

- To monitor if ESD audits done according IEC 61340

- Pushing for strong communication between R&D mechanics, R&D electronics, MFE, production plant

- Suppoerting P-FMEA right in time based on the specific characteristics defined by R&D, reviewing QM planning

- Supporting plant in ordering assembly line and test equipment right in time and highlight in case it doesn't work. Making lessons learnt

- Strong communication to EQM-PR and evaluating the QSR together

- Reducing the number points evaluated with yellow inside the QSR

- Highlighting the points evaluated with red and leading this green or at least yellow as soon as possible

- Requesting management support in case of critical points

- Keeping clear interfaces to EQM-PR, QMP/QMC, R&D, MFE, Production, Electronic supplier plants

- Releasing electronic systems, sub-Systems and sub-Modules based on PPAP or PPA

- Pushing for reaching a final release without necessity of special releases

- Supporting solve customer complaints

- Scrap analaysis and setting up Pareto analysis for an effective PDCA

- Implementing lessons learned in a strong way


1. Bachelor degree or above in Electronic Engineering or Physics;

2. 5 years plus working experience;

3. Technical Know-how in electronic design, mechanic design, eletronic and mechanical production, ESD standard acc. IEC 61340, FMEA;

4. Knowledge of VDA/16949 requirements;

5. Knowledge of Quality Management and Quality Tools (8D, Ichikawa, PDCA etc.);

6. Deep knowledge of related soldering quality

7. Basic knowledge of related PCB technology

8. Deep knowledge related handling of different LED binning

9. Deep knowledge in traceability

10.FMEA knowledge

11.Knowledge of the norm IEC 61340 to understand ESD requirements

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