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工业设计专家 in Guangdong

Guangdong, Guangdong
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CNY 30,000 每年
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Job Title: Industrial Design Expert

Location: Guangdong, China


1. Bachelor degree or above, engaged in design work for more than 8 years’ experience, master degree is preferred.

2, a well - known international brands of industrial design company - related work experience, and have the ability to independently complete the design project is preferred;

3, Europe or the United States market project development experience is preferred;

4, a world-class design award-winning experience is preferred.

Job Description:

1. responsible for electric products or electric products industrial design system planning and design work, to lead the team ahead of the design trend of research, industrial design of new products for the direction of innovation and design reserves;

2, is responsible for important projects of industrial design for the new products; definition of new products, industrial design direction, can personally lead the designer to complete the design project independently;

3, resource development, product development, technology manufacturing and other departments, planning and implementation of new materials and new technology inspection and implementation to ensure product design to product development of the perfect presentation.

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