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新能源车型认证工程师 in Hunan

Hunan, Hunan
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CNY 10,000 每年
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job description


主要职责/ Main Responsibilities

职责/ Responsibilities
绩效标准/ Performance Criteria

1. 推进新能源车型和量产变更车型的认证活动

Promoting certification activities of new NEV models and production change models

2. 认证领域的保密工作

3. Secrecy work in the field of certification

4. 零部件认证总体推进管理

Promote and manage overall components certification

5. CCD和ODM的法规判断

CCD and ODM regulations judgment

6. 与业务外单位联络Contact business unit
1. 按计划获证Certification as plan

2. 根据公司制度执行,确保0泄密Implement According to the company system, to ensure zero leaks

3. 按照公司管理流程执行According to the company management process execution

4. 及时、准确Timely and accurate

5. 按计划完成试验 Complete test as plan

6. 建立良好关系Establish a good relationship

任职人条件要求(任职人需要具备何种素质、能力、工作经验、学历要求或年龄、身体状况等特殊要求)。/ Requirements on Qualification of Position Holders (the qualities, capability and work experience possessed by position holders, requirements on academic education or other special requirements such as age and health conditions).

l 教育背景/ Education background::

教育经历Education Experience
专业及获得的专业知识Major and Expertise Obtained

本科学历Bachelor degree and above
专业:汽车、机械等理工科专业;Major: automobile 、machinery technology major.

专业知识:汽车构造、法规、管理类等。Major knowledge: automobile structure、regulation、management.

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