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机加工主管 in Jiangsu

Jiangsu, Jiangsu
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CNY 10,000 每年
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职位:机加工主管,Machining Supervisor?

Main tasks and responsibilities
- Instruct, direct, develop, motivate, supervise and monitor the performance of all members of the allocated team, continuous improve team‘s performance. 引导、发展、激励、督促和监控本团队成员的绩效,持续改进团队绩效。
- Labor hour control and standard hours update. 工时控制和标准工时定额更新。
- Plan and prepare work schedules according to production plan, material status and work loads. 根据生产计划、物料状态及工作负荷,准备和安排生产排程。
- Finish the production task on time and with good quality. 准时保质完成生产任务。
- Ensuring adherence the operating processes, procedures, specifications, standards and quality requirements, be sure that documentation is completed in accordance with internal processes. 遵守生产工艺、流程、规定、标准及质量要求,保证文件与内部流程保持一致。
- Compilation of operating processes, procedures and specifications to ensure consistent practice throughout the department and adherence to standards and quality requirement. 编写操作流程、程序和规范以确保部门内的一致操作,遵守标准和质量需求。
- Management of departmental costs, ensuring that QA costs, resource and equipment requirements are planned and monitored. 管理部门成本,确保质量成本、资源和设备需求是计划内的和可监控的。
- Support production problem analysis and monitor completion of NCRs noting any trends and reporting issues to Engineering, Projects and QESH departments as required.分析生产中出现的问题,监控与工程、项目和质保部门相关不合格报告的完成。
- Communicate workload and production related activities to other supervisors as required. Management of work load forecasts, reporting any issues with resource availability as required.与其它部门沟通产能及生产相关活动,产能预测管理,并报告任何资源有效性的问题。
- Compilation of relevant risk assessments to ensure that safe methods of working are maintained. Ensure valid risk assessments have been completed for all aspects of the department and that any identified risks are minimized.编写相关的风险评估以确保工作的安全方法是可维护的。确保完成部门所有方面有效的风险评估,并明确这些风险已经最小化。
- Familiar with the environmental aspects and impacts of the activities and processes involved in the role and the procedures, practices and measures to manage the impact. 熟悉环境因素,以及与角色、程序、实践、措施有关的活动和流程的影响,以管理影响。
- Familiar with the risks and hazards within the activities and processes of the role and procedures, practices and measures in place to mitigate the risks. 在任务和程序、实践和评估的框架内熟悉风险和危害处理流程以减少风险。
- Develop and maintain policies and standard operating procedures in accordance with production requirements with particular regard to health and safety and environment.根据生产需要特别是有关健康/安全/环境方面,制定和维持政策和标准操作流程。
- Monitor the maintenance status of machining equipment and devices, optimum maintenance schedules with maintenance people.和设备人员共同监测机加工设备/设施的状态,拟定设备保养计划。
- Actively participating in client kick off meetings. Actively participating in order review/assembly review meetings, providing guidance and advice to projects where required.积极参与客户开工会议。积极参与订单评审/装配沟通会议,如有需求,为项目提供建议。
- Participate and actively support company initiatives including Lean, 5S etc. Project management of improvement initiatives within the department (lean, 5s etc.), ensuring development of the techniques to improve the overall technical capability of the department.参与并积极支持公司活动包括精益生产、5S等。在部门内改善方案的项目管理(精益和5S等),确保技术的改进以改善部门的整体技术产能。
- All other duties as relevant to the post.岗位其它相关的职责。
- Responsible for the safety management & supervision in own area.负责本区域内的安全管理和监督责任。

- Honest and positive man.为人诚实、积极
- Hardworking and work under pressure.努力工作,并能够承受压力
- More than 8 years working experience in mechanical industry. 8年以上机械行业相关工作经验
- More than 3 years team management experience, with cost control conception. 超过3年团队管理经验和成本控制理念
- Familiar with product or related product.熟悉产品或相关产品
- Experience in electrical and mechanical device management. 电气和机械设备管理经验
- Experience in machining center equipment and programming is preferred. 有加工中心和编程经验优先
- Knowledge of health and safety requirements including completion of risk assessments and manual handling requirements. 有卫生安全知识包括风险评估和人工处理要求
- Good English in written and oral.英语说写流利
- Familiar with office software. 熟悉办公软件
- Understanding of ERP software. 理解ERP系统
- Team work skill 团队合作技能
- Communication skill 沟通技能
- Leadership skill 领导技能
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