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生产计划工程师 in Hunan

Hunan, Hunan
job type
CNY 10,000 每年
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job description

1、及时准确了解客户需求,接受客户的订单和预测,分析客户的真实需求;Understand the customer requirements timely and accurately, accept the order from the customers and make the forecast, seek the real demand after analysis;
Coordinate on the implementation of production planning, to keep the inventory on a reasonable level;
3、协调因客户需求预测或订单变更引起的计划变更和物料准备等后续工作;Coordinate if there are changes to the production planning due to the forecast to customer demand and order change, and also the consequent work such as materials preparation;
4、管理和控制半成品、成品库存,根据客户订单,系统内创建销售订单、协调相关功能块发运产品;Manage the inventory of semi-finished and finished products, create sales order inside the system according to the orders from the customer, assist the relevant functions to deliver the products.
5、根据实际发运完成情况,完成各产品日度/月度/年度的发运情况报表;Make the daily/weekly/monthly delivery report forms of each product according to the status of delivery.

1. 大学本科或以上学历Bachelor degree or above;
2. 3年以上生产计划工作经验,汽车零部件经验优先Above 3 years’ experience in production planning,have experience in auto
Parts manufacture is preferred;
3. 有均衡生产或精益生产经验优先Have experience in lean production & leveling production is preferred
4. 数据分析能力,对客户的订单和实际提取情况进行分析,寻找客户真实需求,减少波动对供应链的影响;Analysis the fluctuate of the order and the gap between order and actual withdraw, to seek the real demand of customer, minimize the fluctuation of supply chain
5. 现场主义,密切掌握整车和发动机的生产、零件供应情况;Shop floor oriented, monitor the production of VGA&ENG closely
6. 熟悉VSM/TOC,提升准交率,缩短前置期;Familiar with VSM/TOC, enhance the delivery performance, shorten the L/T
7. 在发动机以及发动机零件供应商导入拉动生产&均衡生产,降低成品和原材库存;Implement leveling production in ENG & part supplier, to reduce the FG & direct stock
8. 通过优化生产计划,合理安排出勤和招聘计划,降低成本;Through optimization of the production planning, arrange the attendance and recruitment reasonably, to reduce the labor cost.
9. 能熟练使用英文;Good communication skill in English
10. 熟练操作办公软件;Good skill in Office software
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