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高级平台与驱动工程师 in Beijing

Beijing, Beijing
job type
CNY 20,000 每年
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job description

What are my responsibilities?
Prepare embedded develop Environment for Application develop and board debug.(Such as bootloader, OS, rootFs etc). Thereby support application development."
According to HW Principle layout graphic, design, develop and debug driver SW module for Control requirement of HW/SW.
Driver SW in Module can be loaded/unloaded freely, driver module reused is the goal."
Design driver test case, debug and resolve the problems in driver module for high reliablity. "
Maintain Realtime OS platform and provide OS technogy support for SW development and integration."
Embedded debugging tech reaching, support SW development with deep debug technology for higher efficiency."
"执行统一的驱动开发流程,提出改进意见和建议, 保障流程得以贯彻和执行
Execute unified software development process and raise proposals for improvement; "
What do I need to qualify for this job?
"依照硬件原理图,根据需求开发嵌入式驱动模块,裁减和维护操作系统平台,保证项目按期高质量完成; 解决项目驱动缺陷和调试问题。
According to the requirements and process, develop embedded driver software to ensure project accomplished successfully; analyze and solve driver module and debugging defects."
">=3 years working experience of embedded driver development
>2 years C++ experience
Work experience in multi-national company"
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