emc技术专家 in Guangdong

Guangdong, Guangdong
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CNY 30,000 每年
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职位名称: EMC技术专家(模块负责人)



1. 电力电子、机械电子及自动控制专业方向硕士或以上学历;

2. 8年以上工作经验,在电磁场、电磁兼容技术及电磁仿真及优化技术方向具有丰富的理论及实践经验,有工业自动化领域或家电企业任职经历者优先;

3. 熟悉电力电子产品EMC设计,国内外业界测试标准及EMC设计、仿真及整改的技术发展方向;

4. 能准确把握行业发展态势,具备战略眼光和全局思维。




1. 组建专业团队,统筹集团EMC技术研究与发展方向及落地于产品设计的具体方案;

2. 制定家电产品EMC相关设计标准,主导家用电器产品开发过程中的EMC设计规范;

3. 为集团各事业部产品的EMC缺陷提供整改指导与技术支持;

4. 提供在业界具有竞争优势的解决方案;实现公司产品的技术领先。


Job Title:  EMC Technical Expert

Location:  Guangdong, China

Division: Corporate Research Center


1. Master degree and above. Major in communication, radio, electronic and automation.

2. At least 8 years’ experience in product EMC design and rectification. Home appliance industry background is preferred.

3. Good command of professional knowledge in digital circuit, analog circuitry, control principle, or electromagnetic wave, communication.

4. Accurate grasp of industry development trend. Strategic insight and global processing

Job Description:

1. Plan Group’s EMC technology development and generate product design solutions.

2. Create EMC design standards of different kinds of products. Promote compliance with EMC design specifications in the development of home appliance.

3. Analyze and solve product design EMC problems with emulation or theoretical calculation. Provide guidance and support for product EMC defects of each department.

4. Offer competitive solutions in the industry.

5. Analyze EMC central component characteristics. Set procurement and inspection criteria for relevant EMC electronic components

6. Develop and build a top-notch talent team.

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