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Company Functions to be supervised

1 Client Operations: - Handling day to day operations to meet the digital marketing objectives of our growing roster of 120+ US and Europe clients.

2 Technology Services: - Providing tools and solutions to Client operations to improve efficiency. Providing paid technology services to clients in the area of online Marketing/Sales.

3 Corporate Functions: - HR, Finance, IT and other functions to support the organisation.

Details of Key Responsibilities

Client Operations and Service Delivery: - You must be able to demonstrate clear and quantifiable improvements in productivity per employee through a combination of:-

1. Knowledge Upgradation of team

2. Improved account management

3. Process Improvements and Change Management

4. Process Automation and Efficiency

5. Improved Team Collaboration

6. Measuring and Optimising client 'cost to serve' margins

7. Persistent focus on meeting Client SLAs and enhancing Customer value.

Technology Services: - You must have the ability to work with the technology team to achieve the following:-

1. Discover automation opportunities for Client Operations and implement technology solutions

2. Propose and Implement Client projects in the area of Marketing technology

3. Understand and harness the power of emerging technology to enhance productivity of the India office

Organization Leadership and Building: - Innate passion and ability to lead people and build a world class organisation.

1. Effectively represent the company to enhance its brand and visibility.

2. A big picture person able to work in a cross functional manner and create a "One team' culture.

3. Ability to integrate teams and work seamlessly with colleagues across global locations to build synergy and trust.

4. Highly Proactive and Execution oriented.

5. Ensure sustainable and cohesive growth of the company.

6. Demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities in talent planning, acquisition and its deployment with a constant focus on reducing the 'time to go live' metric.

7. Ability to identify Knowledge as a strategic resource within the organisation and ensure its effective deployment for the growth of the organisation

8. Believe in 'Steward Leadership'. Passionate about organisation and team development. Strong Motivator and Influencer. Constantly challenging people to work outside their comfort zone to enable learning and growth. Identifying and enabling the potential of people and facilitating their career growth.

9. To initiate and lead change management towards building an agile and innovation centric culture in the organisation.

Corporate Functions and Compliance Responsibility

1. Will assume leadership and end responsibility for the functioning of various corporate functions of the company like HR, Finance, Facilities, Legal, and IT etc. Align the teams to the business needs of the company. Ensure that capable teams are in place to meet the needs of the business.

2. Work closely with the managers of each team to understand impact of companys plans, identify proactively issues and bottlenecks, come up with solutions and implement them. Drive new initiatives in these areas including adoption of new tools, policies and processes.

3. Assume full fiduciary responsibility for the Indian company, ensure all legal, statutory and financial compliances are adhered to fully and on time. Identify and proactively escalate any issues in this area to the management of the company.

4. Keeping track of changes in the regulatory/legal framework and working towards plugging knowledge, process or compliances gaps if any in these functions. Ensuring best practices are in place. Engage specialists wherever necessary.

5. Proactively identify legal, financial, taxation, information security or any other type of risk for the company and taking steps to mitigate them and/or escalate them.

6. Above all ensuring good corporate governance of the company in a fair, transparent and ethical manner with a strong focus on company values.

?Leading Global digital marketing Agency

Client Introduction
?Leading Global digital marketing Agency


?"AVP Operations" "Associate vice president" "Digital marketing"



1. A person with around 15 years of work experience of which at least 5 years is in a significant leadership position in a digital marketing and web analytics KPO. Preferably a person who has assumed responsibility for corporate functions.

2. Very good background in Process based global operations.

3. Track record in improving productivity

4. Must have handled team size of at least 150-200 people and assumed full responsibility for their deliverables.

5. Demonstrated background in building teams and processes to deliver solutions/services at a global level.

6. Excellent verbal, written, interpersonal and presentation skills.

7. A Bachelors qualification is necessary. An MBA is desirable

8. Prior experience/exposure to the domain of digital marketing is desirable