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eindhoven, noord-brabant
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On a daily bases Embedded Engineering Professionals work on developing trucks, buses, cars and much more Automotive products for now and the future. Within Embedded Engineering the full V-cycle model is covered developing the software for the all of the vehicle functions. This offers a YACHT professional the possibility to learn new things and explore new technologies. Nowadays these are found in ADAS functionalities, Hybrid and engine! Because Automotive in the Netherlands looks for the right expertise the department has a diversity of cultures working in the department.

We offer you the first/next step in your career and together with Yacht you will build your career. 
During your assignment we will coach you and help you develop your personal and professional skills. There will be a lot of learning on the job and also the possibility to do courses. We will always be in contact for you to make to best decisions for your career and make sure you will always have a challenging assignment.
With regards to the terms and conditions of the contract we strive to give a satisfying contract with our professionals.

Are you an expat coming to the Netherlands? We can image that you have some questions about how this works.
Normally the interviews will happen on skype but a second face-to-face interview is sometimes necessary. 
When you are hired for a job in the Netherlands, Yacht will arrange this move for you. 
We will arrange the visa application for you (and your family) and look for the appropriate housing for you.
Next to this we will help you get the 30% ruling and Dutch Social Security number.


We are looking for ambitious Automotive Embedded Software Engineers on several Automotive domains. 
These domains are:
-    Embedded Software Developer
-    Embedded Software Test Engineer
-    Embedded Software Requirements Engineer
-    Embedded Software Architect
-    Configuration Manager

Do you have a background in one of these fields and are you experienced in automotive then please apply on this position.
Together with you will work to find the best suiting job within the Embedded Engineering.