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helmond, noord-brabant
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As a Robotic System/Software specialist you will be responsible for the further development of our world modelling and motion planning algorithms. Example fields are multi-sensor fusion, track-to-track fusion, localization, SLAM, motion planning, estimation & prediction. You will be responsible to develop new algorithms/solutions for these challenges. Furthermore, you will also be responsible, together with experts of the other relevant fields, to combine this with existing solutions into a single result, typically a middleware supported embedded system (e.g. carlab with multiple (automotive) computers + ROS middleware). Good communication and cooperation (in teams) skills are needed for the interaction with all disciplines within the department (e.g. control, prediction, testing, functional & operational safety, system engineering) is important due to the integrated approach within projects. Within these projects a pro-active attitude is appreciated. Typical projects you will work in are: 1) business to business projects where you have a direct interaction with the customer and concrete tangible goals; 2) European projects in which there is more focus on the research and technology development.

We offer you the first/next step in your career and together with Yacht you will build your career. 
During your assignment we will coach you and help you develop your personal and professional skills. There will be a lot of learning on the job and also the possibility to do courses. We will always be in contact for you to make to best decisions for your career and make sure you will always have a challenging assignment.
With regards to the terms and conditions of the contract we strive to give a satisfying contract with our professionals.


Excellent knowledge in one or more of the following fields: - Multi-sensor fusion - Bayesian filtering - Track-to-track fusion - Multimodal perception - Localization - Mapping - SLAM - Motion Planning
Required skills:
- Proven experience developing software using C++ (Python is a plus) and ROS - Good knowledge of Linux and software development under Linux
- MSc or PhD in Computer Science, Robotics, or related fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)
- Experience with multi-sensor fusion projects (radar, lidar, camera, V2X)
- Hands-on experience with real mobile robotic or automotive systems
- Experience with distributed version control software, e.g. Git - Proven experience of working in a (project)team and being a team player.
Preferable you have:
- Experience with learning algorithms (e.g., deep learning) or toolkits
- Experience with cooperative driving (V2x) or multirobot applications
- Experience of developing software with Matlab/Simulink
-Experience with control system design and real-time embedded systems