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global HR research

Randstad provides insights into market trends and employment issues. We invest in regular global HR research initiatives while also fostering thought, business and social leadership.

Randstad Workmonitor

As part of our global HR research, the Workmonitor survey covers 34 countries around the world, encompassing Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. The Randstad Workmonitor is published four times a year, making both local and global trends in mobility, job satisfaction and motivation regularly available.

title date size
Randstad Workmonitor "Digital awareness is rising, but we're not there yet" (Dec 2016) 20-12-2016 2885 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Men are favored in management positions, but employees prefer working in gender-diverse teams" (Sept 2016) 22-9-2016 2633 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Prospects for older workers shrink while the skills gap widens" (June 2016) 24-6-2016 2769 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Technology and the human touch" (Mar 2016) 9-3-2016 3661 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Employee outlook 2016: STEM and digital profiles high on wish lists" (Dec 2015) 18-12-2015 3207 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Diversity in the workplace" (Sept 2015) 7-9-2015 3360 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Working hours vs. private time: blurred lines" (June 2015) 15-6-2015 2361 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Growing to be 100 years old: impact on pensions, employability, and older workers biases " (Mar 2015) 20-3-2015 3199 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Employee Outlook for 2015" (Dec 2014) 10-12-2014 3290 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Collaboration at work" (Sept 2014) 26-9-2014 4625 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Higher salary one of the key drivers for job movers" (Jun 2014) 16-6-2014 1552 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Healthy employees perform better" (Mar 2014) 11-3-2014 2726 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Employee expectations 2014" (Dec 2013) 12-12-2013 1119 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Skills shortage" (Sept 2013) 12-9-2013 1209 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Experience more important than education" (June 2013) 11-6-2013 1449 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Women in leadership: still a tough battle" (March 2013) 7-3-2013 1319 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Employee expectations for 2013" (Dec 2012) 5-12-2012 1304 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Skills mismatches & finding the right talent" (Sept 2012) 10-9-2012 3138 KB
Randstad Workmonitor "Employee commitment & personal relationships in the workplace" (May 2012) 30-5-2012 4952 KB
Randstad Workmonitor(March2012) 30-5-2012 4211 KB
Randstad Workmonitor(December2011) 30-5-2012 3677 KB
Randstad Workmonitor(August2011) 30-5-2012 1230 KB
Randstad Workmonitor(June2011) 30-5-2012 1023 KB
Randstad Workmonitor(March2011) 30-5-2012 1016 KB
Randstad Workmonitor(December2010) 30-5-2012 1608 KB
Randstad Workmonitor (Sept 2010) 30-5-2012 708 KB
Randstad Workmonitor(June2010) 30-5-2012 1135 KB

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Randstad Award

The Randstad Award is presented each year to the most attractive employer in various countries throughout the globe. The winner is based on the outcome of the world’s largest survey into employer branding. 7,000 respondents per country between the ages of 18 and 65 are asked for their views on a country’s 150 largest companies via an online questionnaire. The companies are selected through national statistics agencies. This means they cannot request or subscribe to be included in the survey. The winners are selected solely based on the appeal of their employer brand.

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