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Randstad Inhouse Services specializes in the provision of high-volume, skilled flexible labor; aimed at improving labor flexibity, retention, productivity and efficiency

inhouse services

Randstad Inhouse Services (RIS) meets organizations’ structural needs for high-volume, skilled flexible labor. We provide a complete HR process from recruitment and selection, introduction, planning and management of workers through to the provision of detailed management reports. We do this on-site so we can customize our processes to the client's specific needs. These are aimed at improving labor flexibility, retention, productivity and efficiency. A dedicated account team works exclusively for one account and creates lean staffing solutions thereby reducing waste in HR processes. Together with our clients, we create the ideal talent pool made up of flexible and permanent staff and in doing so we improve productivity and realize cost savings. Randstad has developed this unique service after years of experience in providing high numbers of flexible staff to clients in specific industries, and it's a key component of what sets us apart from other companies.

Excellence in operational performance is the priority of RIS. With efficient technology systems and the expertise of our workforce consultants, we provide both the transparency and optimization needed to make your business better. With this service we cater specifically to clients with high volume staffing needs in logistics, manufacturing, warehouse and contact center environments. RIS does more than help you fill temporary and permanent positions.


How we add value to your bottom line:

  • on-site managers: our on-site managers assimilate into the culture of your company to deliver and retain talent that can truly contribute to you and your business’ success
  • workforce consultants: workforce consultants are an extension of your business, helping you to achieve measurable improvements in productivity, quality and operating efficiency
  • labor cost efficiency: we work on site to help you obtain savings by reducing overtime and idle time, while improving overall workforce utilization
  • workforce optimization: our model gives you the ability to employ a scalable workforce that strategically aligns with your unique production requirements and changes
  • employee engagement: Randstad Inhouse Services creates a high-performance culture that boosts morale and job satisfaction, resulting in higher productivity
  • risk mitigation: regulatory and quality control with proven cost containment strategies are provided by a team with extensive experience in driving compliance and safety
  • operational flexibility: RIS has helped hundreds of organizations align their talent resources with fluctuating business needs by transitioning staffing models quickly and efficiently
  • quality: our unrelenting focus on quality staffing processes and results is why we have improved employee performance, productivity and retention metrics for clients across the globe
  • executive operations: we help companies with high volume staffing needs by bringing careful planning, sophisticated software platforms, and ongoing reporting/metrics to rigorously analyze staffing utilization
  • human resources: as trusted partner in solving the most complex of recruiting and staffing needs, we specialize in high volume requirements in logistics, manufacturing, warehouse and contact center environments
  • procurement: RIS has a keen understanding of the objectives of the procurement function and how to deliver cost-effective staffing models and solutions

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