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Many socially involved initiatives are organized by the wider Randstad community across the globe. This section provides examples of various sustainability initiatives which are structured in line with the sustainability framework we developed.

Voluntary Service Overseas (global)

Partnering with VSO means we provide support to communities that need it most, and in doing so, help make the world a fairer place for all. We support VSO in recruiting volunteers from the general public, facilitate our staff to go on volunteer placements themselves and support VSO financially and through ad-hoc opportunities.

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Randstad Foundation (Spain)

Since 2004, Randstad Foundation in Spain has launched a variety of social employment projects designed to secure equal opportunities in employment. The foundation develops individual training itineraries for people with a distance to the labour market (disabled people, long-term unemployed over 45, immigrants, victims of gender violence, and single-parent families). In addition, the foundation initiates recruitment processes with partner companies, counseling them in hiring people at risk of exclusion.


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youth at work (the Netherlands)

The 2nd edition of the 'Youth at Work' program (Jeugd op Zoek) was held in The Netherlands in the Fall of 2014. The program is focused on youth unemployment and allows Randstad to contribute to solving this issue in the Netherlands. From 3 September to 8 October, Randstad Netherlands and Mirjam Sterk, appointed by the Dutch government to lead the fight against youth unemployment, teamed up again to find jobs for as many unemployed youths as possible. To do so, they asked for the support of all Dutch employers.

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Jardines de Cosecha (Argentina)

Randstad Argentina is renowned as a local benchmark in relation to the management of diversity, labor inclusion of groups at social risk and gender promotion. They are aiming for further dissemination of these commitments and sharing their successful experiences. Their channel is the local network of the United Nations Global Compact, where Randstad Argentina is represented by its CEO.

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+ Power (the Netherlands)

Randstad Netherlands developed a special 50+ workforce program called +Power, which was aimed at the 50+ population and Dutch employers. Together with the Dutch government and national 50+ ambassador John de Wolf (a 50-year-old former football player), Randstad raised awareness, trained people, and arranged meet & greets with employers at 12 local events. The kickoff was a +Power Run through the city of The Hague.


Construction Property & Engineering (UK)

Randstad UK’s Construction Property & Engineering (CPE) business is taking a market-leading position in sustainable recruitment in the construction industry. Clients increasingly want to be sure that sustainability is taken seriously within their supply chains and are now demanding a more proactive approach to sustainability from their suppliers, including Randstad, to support the future of the construction industry. To explain to clients what it means to build and maintain a sustainable workforce for the future, Randstad UK has launched a new external website www.randstad.co.uk/future-workforce. Core themes covered include women in construction, employing workers with a medical condition, and making use of local workers and students in construction.


‘Equality is a long quiet river' (France)

Together with press designer Antoine Chereau, the Institute published a comic entitled ‘l’Egalité est un long fleuve tranquille’ (‘Equality is a long quiet river’). These are 68 funny and provocative drawings on the themes of youth and senior employment, gender equality, diversity and religion in business. Companies and organizations can use this book to support their own actions in favor of equal opportunities. In addition, each book sold will support Randstad Institute's partners in their fight against discrimination.

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