Our sustainability framework forms the heart of our value proposition and reflects our activities from the perspective of all our stakeholders. It was established in 2011 with our Executive Board and Supervisory Board closely involved, and validated in 2015 through multi-stakeholder research. 

In the first half of 2015 we had a materiality analysis conducted to validate our sustainability framework, involving over 7,800 stakeholders. The stakeholder groups included clients, candidates, employees, suppliers, authorities, investors, the financial sector, trade unions, civil society and sector organizations. Based on a ranking of these stakeholders (their power to influence, the urgency of issues they deemed important, and the legitimacy of their interests) and an extensive analysis of all data generated during the process, we identified 27 key material issues in the social, economic and environmental domains. These issues are captured in a materiality matrix. The matrix has been adopted by the Executive Board.

The x-axis of the matrix outlines issues we have identified internally as having the strongest impact on our business in terms of cost reduction, revenue growth and gross margin protection. Issues identified as having the highest overall relevance to stakeholders are ranked on the y-axis. The materiality matrix was compiled of overall results for each stakeholder group globally and therefore does not reflect regional or cultural differences identified during the research.

value for clients

We provide our clients with a large range of services, partnering with them throughout economic cycles and structural changes in their organization. We help them to address these challenges. Moreover, our clients are increasingly outsourcing their HR processes to us. In addition, we provide value by putting our knowledge of local employment markets and our innovative solutions at our clients' disposal. In short, our people's knowledge and services shape our clients' businesses for the better.

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value for candidates

Our mission is to make the best jobs available to as many people as possible, giving these people the opportunity to develop themselves. We strive to do this while providing equal opportunities for all, respecting health and safety, and with unyielding integrity. We advocate equal opportunities and unbiased competence management, irrespective of gender, race, religion, age, or background. In addition, we play a crucial role in helping people from unemployment to employment.

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value for employees

The true value of our business lies in our people. We take pride in working with the best talent in the industry. Randstad attracts agile and adaptable people, capable of effectively dealing with and responding to rapidly changing circumstances. We challenge them to perform to the best of their ability and seize the opportunities a multinational company can offer. We challenge ourselves to provide our employees with an open and inclusive climate, which engages and fosters development.

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value for society

We seek to shape a more balanced society by activating our employment knowledge and expertise. We aim to do so through social dialogue, social and economic growth, and by advocating developments that benefit both individuals and society at large. We emphasize the role of the HR services industry in creating jobs for people and helping them find their way into the employment market.

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sustainability basics

'Shaping the world of work' can only be achieved if attention is also paid to sustainability 'basics'. These range from safeguarding ethical behavior, applying decent environmental care, taking supply chain responsibility with regard to being a good corporate citizen, and ensuring our organization is transparent.

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