Randstad & VSO

Randstad has a far-reaching partnership with VSO. In 2014 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Randstad and VSO working side by side to fight poverty around the globe.

VSO is the world’s leading development NGO that fights poverty through volunteers. They are unique in the way they bring people together to volunteer their knowledge, experience, and skills in order to help millions of people across the world lift themselves out of poverty. 

 VSO receive requests for many different professionals, ranging from health professionals to teachers, and from agriculturalists to general managers. For these projects we are looking for candidates with strong skills, preferably in but not limited to, one of the following areas: management, healthcare, education (maths and science, English language, primary education, education management and special education), social development (social and community work), business, IT, finance, natural resources, marketing and communications and HR.

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Randstad employees can volunteer through VSO in various capacities, this is a key part of our support to VSO. Staff can volunteer in their home country or online, e.g. by providing their expertise to a local VSO office or assisting colleagues who are volunteering overseas. Overseas assignments are also available; short-term assignments of 6 - 12 weeks and long-term ones of up to 9 months. So far, over 160 Randstad employees have volunteered in a range of assignments and countries.