message from our CEO.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced a real information overload lately and it’s not always easy to sort through the fog. Clear, effective communication is more important than ever. With our lives both at work and at home being completely rethought, how we connect has to bridge what’s missing. 

So where’s the How-To on this? Well, I don’t have one for you. We’re learning fast and there’s a unique opportunity; people are more aligned. I can’t think of a moment in my lifetime when so many people have shared the same goals (even if we don’t always agree on how to reach them). The changes have been quick, from the new at-home dress code we’ve agreed on, to the understanding that it’s okay when children, pets, and partners make cameos in our meetings. 

Our words matter. Empathy is always an important professional skill but its value is even greater today. Some days are harder than others and it’s not always clear why. So remember that when the connection doesn’t feel right, the person on the other end of a video call may be facing challenges you don’t understand. Taking the time to ask “how are you?” can do a lot to help find that understanding. 

Taking care of each other is taking care of society as a whole. Let’s continue to connect with purpose. 




jacques van den broek.


As Randstad Group’s CEO, I lead our mission of supporting people and organizations in realizing their true potential.