Every minute around the world, 20 people are made refugees as they escape war, persecution or terror, according to the UN. Their desire for freedom, safety and opportunity is one we all can understand. For the observance of World Refugee Day on Sunday, I urge everyone to consider how we can promote greater inclusion of refugees.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by providing training and jobs. That’s why Randstad is a global member of the Tent Partnership for Refugees — a non-profit organization committed to integrating refugees into their host communities. Tent members provide jobs, offer skilling and encourage their suppliers to hire refugees, among other measures.

As part of our ambition to touch the work lives of 500 million people worldwide by 2030, Randstad is working to increase refugee access to our training and mentoring programs. We are actively helping refugees integrate into labor markets through programs such as Randstad Without Borders in Italy, which provides refugees the skills and networking infrastructure needed to find decent employment. 

Please consider how you can support refugee inclusion on World Refugee Day. You can learn more about relevant Randstad programs here.   

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about the author

Jacques van den Broek

ceo and chair of the executive board

Randstad's Global CEO, leading our mission of supporting people and organizations in realizing their true potential.