The pandemic has significantly impacted the global economy and our ways of working, but many of the things we value in our work lives remain the same. For instance, the top three most important attributes of an ideal employer are unchanged from before the pandemic, according to our latest Randstad Employer Brand Research. That doesn’t mean, however, that companies can follow the same recruitment playbook; they must consider what a post-pandemic labor market will look like.    

Salary and benefits remain the most important factor to the 190,000 working-age adults we surveyed across 34 markets. Our data indicate that a majority now also prioritize work-life balance and job security in their employment preferences. A closer examination of our research also shows clear variations among those in different age groups and geographies.

As a CEO working with a diverse global workforce, I have benefited from these insights, and I believe you can too. To better understand the motivation of your workforce, a copy of our global report is available here: You can also turn to a Randstad consultant for relevant local employer branding insights that can help you to develop an effective talent attraction strategy for your market.    




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Jacques van den Broek

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