talent scarcity at an all time high

Knowing you need highly specialized skills is one thing - understanding how to attract them is another. Our in-depth sector reports give you insights into some of the unique industry challenges and how to use them to your advantage.

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understanding the unique drivers of your sector - and how to attract the talent you need

in-depth sector insights

Insights into the needs of employees and job seekers help shape your organization's branding strategy and talent attraction & retention programs. Every year, based on market demands and understanding the unique recruitment challenges of these markets, we publish comprehensive global reports on several sectors. 

what's in the reports?

In 2017, we will release reports on on IT, Life Sciences, Financial Services and Engineering professionals. In the Randstad Employer Brand Research sector reports, we take a look at:

  1. The top five most important factors for jobseekers when choosing an employer
  2. The most important drivers for people to leave their job, consider another job or stay?
  3. The most attractive employers globally by country

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