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Big engineering firms may find it more difficult to attract talent these days as workers are less inclined to work for them, according to the 2017 Randstad Employer Brand Research. Only one-quarter want to work for a big company, and those figures are even lower in North America (18%) and Europe (20%). 

This is just one challenge facing companies needing a variety of engineering skills. Among the top five sectors researched, engineering is ranked last, slightly lower than others such as technology, IT and automotive. Another concern: three-quarters of engineering workers surveyed are open to working in other sectors. Nearly 80% of those 25 to 44 years old said they would consider switching. Add in the fact that talent scarcity is rising, and it’s easy to see how many employers are under pressure to enhance its recruiting capabilities. 

how can your business take advantage of these insights?

Employers are better positioned to attract engineering talent with greater insights into their preferences and leveraging this information. To learn more about developments in the engineering labor market and findings reported in the 2017 Randstad Employer Brand Research, download our special engineering sector report here.

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