our 2017 employer branding in IT report is here.

If you work in the IT industry, here’s some good news: the sector remains the most attractive globally, according to the 2017 Randstad Employer Brand Research

Why did the sector rank so highly? Its impact on everyday lives is one reason, but when asked about the benefits of working in IT, workers said fundamental factors were key. These include a good salary and benefits, a balanced work/life schedule and long-term job security. 

IT might be a favorite among working-age adults around the world, loyalty to the sector is not unconditional. Randstad’s research revealed that 75% of those working in the field are open to switching sectors. 

how can your business take advantage of these insights?

Each year we survey people working in IT as well as job seekers to find out what they want from their jobs and careers. The aim is to help employers gain insights into what makes an organization attractive to work for. This year we’ve included questions about what the future holds, specifically around automation, re-training and sector switching.

Have a look at the Employer Branding in IT Report now and start learning what matters most when people look for a new employer