research reports.

Knowing you need highly specialized skills is one thing - understanding how to attract them is another. Our research reports give you insights into the world of work on a country, company and sector level. 

global report.

Perfect if you need a quick look into how people across the world view employers.

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global sector reports.

Reports on the IT, Life Sciences, Financial Services sectors as well as one on Engineering professionals.

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country reports.

In-depth nsights into the hearts and minds of employees and job seekers in 26 countries.

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case studies.

Interviews with talent attractionleaders from celebrated employer brands.

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what's in the reports

Insights into the needs of employees and job seekers help shape your organization's branding strategy and talent attraction & retention programs. Every year, based on market demands and understanding the unique recruitment challenges of these markets, we publish comprehensive reports. They include the top five most important factors for jobseekers when choosing an employer, the most important drivers for people to leave their job and the most attractive employers globally by country. Data is split per gender, age group and education level.