the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2017: global report is here.

Faced with a volatile global economy and increasing impact of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2017 shows that many workers are looking for security and reassurance to combat uncertainty and prepare for the changes ahead. Others see AI and the underlying shifts in business models as an opportunity to switch sectors and carve out new careers. Both trends provide employers with a valuable opportunity to strengthen their appeal to key talent and differentiate their employer brand.

How can your business take advantage?

Each year, we survey people from around the world to find out what they want from their jobs and careers. The aim is to help employers understand employee aspirations, gain insights into what makes an organization attractive to work for and identify the sectors and companies employees find most appealing. In this year’s survey, we’ve also included questions about what the future holds, specifically around automation, re-training and sector switching.

Have a look at the global report now and start learning what matters most when people look for a new employer.