how tech innovation impacts the employer-worker connection

In a rapidly evolving post-digital world of work, how organizations attract, engage and acquire talent is changing quickly as well. At the same time, a seemingly never-ending stream of innovations is enabling workers to better network with, market to and learn about prospective employers. This has led to unprecedented opportunities but also daily disruptions that favor the most digitally savvy users but leave traditionalists behind. For every organization and worker, then, acquiring and maintaining current digital competencies are becoming a priority.

That’s easier said than done. One of the biggest challenges is that cultures and markets around the world are in a transitional period, evolving from an analog to a digital mindset. While highly mature countries rapidly adopt innovation, emerging markets often struggle to meet basic infrastructure requirements. Despite this disparity, they all have something in common: a considerable gap in digital capabilities between its younger generation and its oldest. 

The consequences on how we organize talent, how to attract the right talent and keep them engaged, are enormous. Find out what the full impact of tech innovation on the connection between workers and employers is, in our white paper. 

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