compliance at Randstad.

Randstad is an international organization with a global emphasis on excellence. As such, we expect all our representatives to behave ethically, lawfully and in accordance with our core values: to know, to serve, to trust, simultaneous promotion of all interests, and striving for perfection.

misconduct reporting procedure.

To assist the reporting of serious misconduct (including illegal activities, health and safety failures, and breaches of Randstad’s policies on appropriate behavior), we have established a procedure. 

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randstad and the GDPR.

As personal data is of critical importance for Randstad’s business, we are committed to the protection of personal data of  our employees, candidates, clients and suppliers.  

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policies' summaries

Randstad has captured the principles on which the company and its representatives should conduct in a set of policies. They give guidance and clarity to all parties involved, for example through clear lists of practical DOs and DON'Ts:

bribery, gifts, and hospitality policy

"We do not offer, pay or accept bribes or offer or give gifts or hospitality that could create undue influence or the appearance of undue influence.”

All Randstad representatives are required to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity. Under no circumstances may they offer, receive or authorize anything that could be perceived as a bribe. Randstad has a comprehensive bribery, gifts and hospitality policy, with a clear list of practical DOs and DON’Ts to ensure that employees are not involved – either knowingly or unknowingly – in such practices.

To avoid the possibility of an innocent gift being mistaken as a bribe, employees are prohibited from offering or accepting any gift, advantage or hospitality that is unusually generous, or that could appear to create undue influence (e.g., a gift given by a supplier to an employee with responsibility for selecting suppliers or a gift by an employee to a client during a tender procedure). Particular care is taken with public officials and government employees and with intermediaries, agents or consultants who might act in Randstad’s name.

corporate citizenship and philanthropy policy
The purpose of this policy is to define common shared rules within Randstad for identifying corporate citizenship and philanthropy initiatives which, in line with our mission, core values, business principles and internal policies, are aimed at meeting the needs of communities or societies in which Randstad operates. Please see our corporate citizenship policy for more information. 

discrimination, intimidation & harassment policy

“We treat others fairly, act with care and consideration and respect human rights. We do not tolerate intimidation or harassment in any form. We value diversity and do not discriminate on grounds of age, color, disability, gender, marital status, nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation or any other irrelevant and illegal characteristics.”

Randstad believes all people deserve dignity and respect, and a work environment that is free from discrimination, intimidation and harassment. As such, all Randstad corporate employees are required to comply with Randstad’s Discrimination, Intimidation & Harassment Policy. Randstad shall also uphold this policy towards clients where Randstad employees work.

An action or practice is discriminatory if it unjustly disadvantages people – whether directly or indirectly – on the basis of characteristics that are not relevant to the situation (e.g., age, skin color, disability, gender, marital status, nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation). Intimidation or harassment, meanwhile, is any behavior that creates a hostile, abusive or intimidating work environment. It can be verbal, psychological or physical, and might include offensive or demeaning remarks, inappropriate touching, or unwelcome sexual advances.

competition law compliance policy

“We know and comply with competition and antitrust laws.”

Randstad fully supports the principle that operating companies should compete vigorously and fairly. We recognize that anti-competitive behavior (such as agreements with competitors to fix prices, to limit or diminish competition, or exchanging unpublished, commercially sensitive information) undermines the level playing field of the market and is therefore unacceptable. As such, we require all of our employees to comply fully with all applicable competition and antitrust laws.

Randstad has a comprehensive competition law compliance policy, which sets out a clear list of practical DOs and DON’Ts for our employees.

Randstad employees are forbidden to share unpublished, commercially sensitive information, or to enter into cooperation agreements with competitors. All contact with competitors (including trade associations) must be conducted in a proper manner, and must not involve prohibited discussions relating to, for example, prices, rates, bids for contracts, client tenders, market restrictions or allocations (by location or customer), or blacklisting of licensees, customers, competitors or suppliers.

data protection policy

“We respect the right to privacy, ensure that confidential information is kept confidential and do not abuse the confidential information of others.”

Personal data is one of the core assets of Randstad's business, and we expect our employees to treat all personal data in an appropriate and lawful manner, respecting the privacy rights and interests of each individual. For this purpose, Randstad has a data protection policy that sets out the minimum compliance standard for processing personal data, and provides consistent safeguards for the handling of personal data by its operating companies.

We ensure that the personal data we handle is collected and processed fairly and lawfully, and used in a manner appropriate to the purpose for which it was collected. We take all necessary measures to ensure the accuracy, security and confidentiality of stored personal data, and do not keep it longer than is required to fulfill its business purpose. Particular care is taken when transferring personal data to third parties to ensure an adequate level of protection of such personal data.

global tax policy

Randstad is one of the global leaders in HR services. Our core values that serve as a compass for everyone at Randstad includes ‘the simultaneous promotion of all interests’: not only the interests of our clients, our candidates, our employees and our shareholders, but also governments. Overall our business must benefit society as a whole. Consequently, Randstad demonstrates ethical tax behavior and pays the proper amounts of taxes in the countries where value is created. Our Key Control Framework includes a Tax Control Framework which forms the basis for all our tax risk management actions globally and covers all tax functions. We pursue a strong relationship with governments. Transparency and trust are embedded in our business principles and corporate culture, thus play an important role in the way we engage with fiscal authorities throughout the world. Randstad acts in accordance with all applicable (tax) laws and regulations at all times. We aim to comply with the spirit as well as the letter of the law. Any action related to planning our tax position must be consistent with the normal course of business and in line with our overall group strategy. Please see our global tax policy.

insider trading policy

"We know and comply with the laws on insider trading and market abuse of Randstad’s shares or securities.”

In accordance with insider trading law, Randstad employees are absolutely forbidden to buy or sell Randstad securities when they have non-public, confidential price sensitive information that provides an unfair advantage. They are also strictly prohibited from passing such “inside information” to third parties, or recommending transactions in securities on the basis of it. Trading by company insiders (e.g., employees, directors and large shareholders) is only legal if it is done in a way that does not take advantage of non-public knowledge.

To ensure full compliance with the laws on insider trading and market abuse, Randstad has an insider trading policy that outlines the regulations concerning the purchase and sale of Randstad securities, and other dealings in securities, for all Randstad representatives. The precise application of Randstad’s insider trading regulations depends on the likelihood of an individual having access to inside information; stricter rules apply to employees who work with non-public, confidential information and members of the executive and supervisory board.

supplier code

Our suppliers make an important contribution to the quality of our services. We therefore ask them to embrace our standards and to comply with our supplier code. This code is an integral part of our international terms and conditions. It aims to ensure that the procurement of goods, works and services takes place in a socially responsible manner and in conformity with our business principles. With this code, we explicitly request our suppliers to respect our regulatory, social and ecological principles, and to adopt practices consistent with those principles. Suppliers must ensure that its suppliers and subcontractors for their part also respect the principles set out in the code. 

The related purchasing blueprint was rolled out in 2014. During the second half of the year, we audited usage of the blueprint and the supplier code, and found that implementation of the blueprint can be further enhanced in our operating companies. At the end of 2014, around 60% of our expenditure in the Netherlands with suppliers is covered by the supplier code.

On a global scale, around 7.5% of our cost base consists of supplier spending. With over 3,000 branch offices, we also deal with a large number of lessors and real estate agents.

diversity & inclusion policy
Randstad recognizes its accountability in shaping the world of work for our clients, talents, community and other stakeholders. 
We grow each day through the energy and creativity brought by our diverse workforce. Our diversity pushes us forward as a company and a team.

Diverse ideas, cultures, and perspectives break down those subconscious barriers and help build a team of more well-rounded employees. Click here to see our diversity & inclusion policy.

health & safety policy

Randstad strives to create a healthy and safe working environment and wellbeing at work for all stakeholders; candidates, employees, clients and visitors including contractors. Although the legal responsibilities and liabilities with regard to the different stakeholders may vary per country, unsafe jobs are NEVER an option. 

All candidates and employees across the labor market have a right to a healthy and safe work environment. The health and safety risks vary from sector to sector, and through different industries. Randstad aims to develop appropriate health and safety measures based on the risk assessment in conjunction with key stakeholders of these different sectors, and taking into account the national legal responsibilities. Please see our global health & safety policy for more information.

environmental policy
Realizing that the world's natural resources are limited and fragile,  Randstad considers environmental protection to be consistent with its overall goals and values and an important consideration in its total activities.  This commitment to environmental protection is reflected in our core value “Simultaneous promotion of all interests” and our business principles; in our sustainability framework, validated through a materiality analysis; and in our policies, programs and practices for conducting operations in an environmentally, as well as economically, responsible manner. Please see our environmental policy for more information.

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