compliance at Randstad.

Randstad is an international organization with a global emphasis on excellence. As such, we expect all our representatives to behave ethically, lawfully and in accordance with our core values: to know, to serve, to trust, simultaneous promotion of all interests, and striving for perfection.

artificial intelligence principles.

The principles define our commitment to the responsible use of AI. They supplement Randstad’s values and business principles. We see them as a common foundation for our company and all our stakeholders as we navigate the rapidly developing world of AI. The AI principles are a work in progress and we will continue to refine them as AI-related technologies, laws, and regulations evolve over time.

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misconduct reporting procedure.

To assist the reporting of serious misconduct (including illegal activities, health and safety failures, and breaches of Randstad’s policies on appropriate behavior), we have established a procedure. 

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randstad and the GDPR.

As personal data is of critical importance for Randstad’s business, we are committed to the protection of personal data of  our employees, candidates, clients and suppliers.  

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corporate citizenship & philanthropy policy.

The purpose of this policy is to define common shared rules within Randstad for identifying corporate citizenship and philanthropy initiatives which, in line with our mission, core values, business principles and internal policies, are aimed at meeting the needs of communities or societies in which Randstad operates. 

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human rights policy.

In line with our core values and Human Forward strategy, Randstad believes that everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. As the global leader in the HR services industry, we recognize our role in society and our responsibility to respect human rights. We are committed to preventing or mitigating adverse human rights impacts that are caused by or linked to our operations and services, and addressing such impacts if they occur.  In our Human Rights policy we set out the leading principles for Randstad and its employees and candidates with regard to human rights, as well as our expectations towards our external stakeholders.  

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health & safety policy.

Randstad strives to create a healthy and safe working environment and wellbeing at work for all stakeholders; candidates, employees, clients and visitors including contractors. Although the legal responsibilities and liabilities with regard to the different stakeholders may vary per country, unsafe jobs are never an option. 

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supplier code.

Sustainability has been one of Randstad’s core values since the company was founded: we operate in such a way that the interests of all parties, directly or indirectly involved in our business, are served simultaneously. As an industry leader in HR services with a mission to ‘shape the world of work’, we recognize the need to do business with integrity

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global tax policy.

Randstad is one of the global leaders in HR services. Our core values were established in the company’s early days. They continue to serve as a compass for everyone at Randstad, to guide our behavior and to shape our culture.
One of these core values is ‘the simultaneous promotion of all interests’: our stakeholders are at the heart of our strategy, we serve their interests and create lasting value for all of them – our clients, our candidates, our employees and other stakeholders including governments -, while our business must benefit society as a whole.

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environmental policy.

Realizing that the world's natural resources are limited and fragile, Randstad considers
environmental protection to be consistent with its overall goals and values and an important consideration in its total activities.

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diversity & inclusion.

Randstad recognizes its accountability in shaping the world of work for our clients, talents, community and other stakeholders. We grow each day through the energy and creativity brought by our diverse workforce. Our diversity pushes us forward as a company and a team. Diverse ideas, cultures and perspectives break down those subconscious barriers and help build a team of more well-rounded employees.

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fair competition policy.

We know and comply with competition and antitrust laws.  

Randstad fully supports the principle that operating companies should compete vigorously and fairly. We recognize that anti-competitive behavior (such as agreements with competitors to fix prices, to limit or diminish competition, or exchanging unpublished, commercially sensitive information) undermines the level playing field of the market and is therefore unacceptable. As such, we require all of our employees to comply fully with all applicable competition and antitrust laws.  

Randstad has a comprehensive Fair Competition Policy, which sets out a clear list of practical DOs and DON’Ts for our employees.  Randstad employees are forbidden to share unpublished, commercially sensitive information, or to enter into cooperation agreements with competitors. All contact with competitors (including industry federations) must be conducted in a proper manner, and must not involve prohibited discussions relating to, for example, prices, rates, bids for contracts, client tenders, market restrictions or allocations (by location or customer), or blacklisting of licensees, customers, competitors or suppliers. 

gifts & hospitality and anti-bribery policy.

We do not offer, pay or accept bribes or anything of value that could create undue influence or the appearance of inappropriate behavior.
We do not offer or accept gifts or hospitality or anything of value that could create undue influence or the appearance of inappropriate behavior.   

All Randstad representatives are required to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity. Under no circumstances may they offer, receive or authorize anything that could be perceived as a bribe. Randstad has a comprehensive gifts & hospitality policy and anti-bribery policy, with a clear list of practical DOs and DON’Ts to ensure that employees are not involved – either knowingly or unknowingly – in such practices.

 To avoid the possibility of an innocent gift being mistaken as a bribe, employees are prohibited from offering or accepting any gift, advantage or hospitality that is unusually generous, or that could appear to create undue influence (e.g., a gift given by a supplier to an employee with responsibility for selecting suppliers or a gift by an employee to a client during a tender procedure). Particular care is taken with public officials and government employees and with intermediaries, agents or consultants who might act in Randstad’s name.

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