what we do.

We have multiple complementary investments in the HR space, and we aim to re-focus from early-stage to expansion-stage, with a focus on digital platforms, talent management, Edtech including up- and re-skilling, Fintech, Worktech, and innovations in big data analytics & machine learning.

We explore, identify and evaluate trends & developments and support the adoption of emerging technologies relevant to Randstad.

We drive a culture of innovation to proactively contribute to our tech & touch strategy and do this by listening to what our organization and our clients, both talent and companies, need, and helping find solutions through the vast network and ecosystems around digital innovations across the world.

We leverage several instruments ranging from investments, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and to potentially full M&A.

We act as a strategic asset for the group, working closely together with Group strategy, M&A, global IT, and our OpCo's to perform strategic deep-dives on specific themes that allow us to (re)define future growth scenarios.