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RIF is Randstad strategic corporate venture fund to fuel innovation and support Randstad’s ambition to be a leader in its field. We have multiple complementary investments in the HR space, we aim to expand our current portfolio from early-stage to expansion-stage, with a focus in: online platforms, big data analytics, machine learning, sourcing, screening and selection tools. 



Allyo automates and self-optimizes the end-to-end workflow for high-volume recru itment. By using customizable AI, natural language processing and machine learning, it improves recruitment conversions, candidate experience and reduces administrative tasks of the hiring teams.

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Brazen allows organizations to host online recruiting and networking events, leveraging a timed ‘many-to-one’ chat interaction. The text based channels increase engagement, especially for Gen Y and Z, increase conversion of passive talent and contribute to employer branding.


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gr8people is an all-in-one recruiting platform, that brings CRM, recruitment marketing, hiring and onboarding together. The RPO solution configures and customizes hiring workflows for each client and improves candidate experience with campaigns, referrals and talent communities.

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Checkster enables organizations to make better talent decisions through automated reference checking and related tools. The company aims to improve employees participation by increasing job fit and reducing hiring risks. 

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Crunchr is a SaaS platform for HR reporting and workforce analytics. It consolidates, validates and visualizes people data from all available data sources across the company. It offers powerful predictive analytics and learning function to help users translate insights into actions.

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Gigwalk is a cloud-based gig workforce management platform that helps companies better matching their internal and external workforce, with a mobile first approach. Gigwalk allows to get work done anytime, anywhere.

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HackerRank is an online recruitment community and assessment tool, using coding challenges in a variety of programming languages to source, rank and match top programmers. Currently, over two million developers are part of HackerRank community.

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Pymetrics offers a unique way of sourcing, engaging and sorting/matching candidates based on gamified psychometric assessments. The 20 short games assess candidates soft skills, by measuring 90 cognitive and emotional traits beyond education and background. 

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RolePoint is an employee referral software which maximizes engagement and streamlines referral experience for hiring or talent mobility. Fast feedback loops ensure employees are updated at every stage.

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Vonq is Europe's largest provider for online recruitment marketing services. Vonq helps to recruit better with the use of recruitment data and insights, innovative tools and recruitment marketing knowledge.

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wade & wendy.

Wade & Wendy is developing a fully automated chat-bot to interact with candidates and clients, using AI. Wade helps applicants introducing opportunities and shaping their careers. Wendy assists hiring managers in identifying candidates, matching them to jobs and giving feedback throughout the recruitment process.

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Cornerjob is a mobile job matching platform that enables users to find geolocated job offers, apply to them, chat directly with recruiters and get an answer in 24 hours. The mobile platform is engaging for Gen Y and Z and it improves candidates' experience.

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Goodwall is the mobile-first professional development network for the next generation. It guides young people through the future of earning and learning. With over 1 million users to date it is a leading source of high quality talent.

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Montage's interviewing platform is the single solution to engage, interview and hire better candidates, faster. 100 of the Fortune 500 rely on Montage to bring top talent into their organization and deliver 5-10X ROI.

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If you would like to share your ideas, business, or feedback with us, please send an email to startups@randstadinnovationfund.com. All business plan submissions must include a clear description of your operations and current progress, preferably in the form of an investor deck.