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At Randstad you get the right advice to match your skills, needs and desires.

Everyday, over 600,000 people around the globe go to work through the help of Randstad's advanced recruitment and placement services. From temporary and flexible positions to permanent and professional service jobs, millions of people every year have a working experience with Randstad.

We implement cutting-edge technology to match your profile and desires with the most fitting positions. That technology means we have more real time for human interaction, giving you the best career advice.

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Next to our global job placements, Randstad has over 32,000 employees of its own. Are you interested in a career with one of the world's larget HR and recruitment services companies? Contact us now. We have offices in 43 countries around the world.

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Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) needs people just like you. Your personal investment can create real change in the poorest communities in the world. VSO works in 30 countries including Cambodia, Ghana and Papua New Guinea. VSO is always looking to place experienced professionals in roles ranging from teachers and doctors to project managers and gender specialists. VSO works on a demand-driven basis, based on the request of local partners.

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