our strategy

As the global no. 1 HR services provider, Randstad is driven to become the world's most valued 'working life partner', supporting as many people as possible in realizing their true potential throughout their working life.

By being at the forefront of every conversation about work, we aim to become a true source  of relevance and continuity for talent and a true agent of agility and effectiveness for clients, creating sustainable long-term value for all our stakeholders.

human forward promises

Our Human Forward promises always guide our behavior, no matter whether it is about our human interactions or about how we apply our HR technology.


Clients get insight into how their HR needs are being met and candidates know where they stand in their jobsearch.


Clients have an HR partner throughout the business lifecycle and the talent we serve can count on a partner in every step of their career.


Clients stay steps ahead in the competitive world of talent and we help people find jobs even before they start looking.


our differentiators.

By creating a positive, consumer-like experience, Randstad is enabling talent to make their own choices around work and how it fits into their lives. From attraction and application, to the hiring process and onboarding, to development and career transition, every step of the talent journey we create is aimed at enhancing satisfaction and engagement. Best-in-class processes are fortified by cutting-edge technology for a seamless talent journey. Our integration of proprietary and market data offer predictive and prescriptive insights that accelerate the workforce planning of clients. Our ability to scale solutions as needed also means greater agility and flexibility for the companies we support.

Furthermore, Randstad employees are widely regarded as thought leaders and innovators in all of our concepts. Every year, a number of our leaders are selected by trade and other media for their contribution to and influence on the future of work. Our people possess deep, specialized knowledge of their talent and clients, the sectors they operate in, and their unique needs.


global trends.

The world of work has been experiencing transformative change, driven by a polycrisis environment, technological innovation,the rise of the platform economy, demographic shifts, globalization, and climate change. In addition, the COVID pandemic has accelerated the shift to new ways of working. Randstad believes that we should expect continued change. 

People and businesses will need to be able to constantly adapt and be flexible. As global leader in the HR services sector, Randstad is well-positioned to help shape this new world of work. Randstad identifies four global trends that affect our business and which provide opportunities for future growth: 

  1. the world of work is talent-led; 
  2. securing the right talent is a key priority for employers; 
  3. our industry is digitizing at speed;
  4. we need to embrace a new social contract.

our key material topics

To identify key material topics in the dynamic world of work, we take input from both inside and outside of Randstad. We performed our most recent materiality assessment in 2021. This assessment was conducted by independent consultants in order to validate our current material topics and identify new topics.

We defined and prioritized the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues that matter most to our stakeholders. A materiality matrix was constructed by considering the interests and expectations of key stakeholders and the evaluation of our company's environmental, societal and governance impacts through desk research, interviews and workshops with Randstad's clients, employees, talent, investors, public organizations, and suppliers.

The materiality matrix does not reflect regional or cultural differences. The focus areas for acceleration (red dots) have a substantial business impact, are important to stakeholders, and are closely related to Randstad's must-win battles. The sustainability enablers (blue dots) are important enablers that put Randstad in the right position to address the four acceleration topics as well as the other materialities. For the more locally oriented operational management topics (yellow dots), Randstad sets the standard at a global level, but success is largely dependent on local execution. 

materiality matrix Randstad annual report 2021