fighting unemployment in the netherlands.


Randstad Netherlands developed a special 50+ workforce program called +Power, which was aimed at the 50+ population and Dutch employers. Together with the Dutch government and national 50+ ambassador John de Wolf (a former professional football player), Randstad raised awareness, trained people, and arranged meet & greets with employers at 12 local events. 


youth at work

This public-private partnership is aimed at tackling youth unemployment. 33 events across the country were held where 2,873 youngsters met with 203 employers, 2,892 resumes were checked, 976 LinkedIn profiles were improved, 1,545 people had their picture taken professionally and 1,306 people took part in a workshop. We also offered support online and in our branches via its consultants. During 5 weeks over 10,000 youngsters were supported in finding a job: 9,829 vacancies were filled and another 2,132 young people were finalizing the process of finding a job.