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供应商质量工程师 in Fujian

Fujian, Fujian
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CNY 10,000 每年
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1.Follow up of Advanced Product Quality Planning APQP activities of purchased parts.跟踪采购零件的产品质量先期策划;

2.Approve Part Submission Warrants PSW, PPAP of suppliers.审核供应商提交的PSWPPAP文件;

3.Complaint management incl. charge back of non-quality costs.投诉管理(包括索赔及不合格品消耗);

4.Evaluate supplier quality performance .供应商能力评估;

5.Carry out complaint related process audits at the suppliers plant.进行供应商厂内相关客诉流程审核;

6.Suggest and follow up quality improvement programs at suppliers who do not consistently comply to automotive standards supplier development after SOP.建议及跟进在SOP后未能持续符合汽车行业标准的供应商进行质量改进;

7.Prepare and Plan the inspection Plans including quantity, frequency, dimension etc. for the Incoming Quality Control IQC.制定材料入库检验计划书(包括检验数量、频率、尺寸等)。



1.Bachelor or above, major in Mechanical engineering or mechatronics or precision engineering.机械专业毕业;

2.Familiar with ISO/TS 16949 and VDA 6.3- Automotive experience.熟悉ISO/TS 16949  VDA 6.3汽车行业标准;

3.etProfessional knowledge of quality tools SPC, MSA, APQP, PPAP, etc.)具备专业的质量控制工具知识(SPC, MSA, APQP, PPAP

4.Problem Solving Skill 8D, FTA, 5 Why etc.)解决问题的能力(8D, FTA, 5 Why etc.);

5.Above 3 years in an automotive Company 3年以上汽车行业相关的工作经验;

6.Experience in quality and process control of injection molding, stamping/forming or surface treatment respectively would be an advantage具有注塑成型,冲压成型,表面处理等任一技术经验的优先。
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