executive assistant in hyderabad

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hyderabad, telangana
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Information Technology
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6 To 10
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?CMD Communication:
a) Sending emails on behalf of CMD for meetings, external and internal.
b) Communicating with clients, on specific events like- Corporate event, parties,
other notes
2. Calendar Management:
a) Taking notes in morning, to understand and arrange meetings every day, based on the
days schedule that has been decided for various meetings
b) Arranging daily calendar of CMD, prioritizing the meetings based on criticality.
c) Accepting and Rejecting to meeting requests based on consultation with CMD
d) Updating the rescheduled and pending meetings to CMD every day at EOD
3. Meeting Management:
a) Ensuring all participants are on time
b) The decks are ready
c) Taking Minutes in case- of non technical and revenue meetings
d) Sharing minutes of meetings

?Leading IT company in Hyderabad.

Client Introduction
?Leading IT company in Hyderabad.


?"executive assistant"


?Attending all non technical meetings:
a) Taking notes and ensuring the tasks are implemented on time( HR, Admin, other
corporate events)
5. Corporate Events
a) Assisting admin in corporate events like townhall
b) Taking notes and sharing with stakeholders
6. Other responsibilities :
? Handle all Secretarial works independently as per Chairmans Advice.
? Take morning notes from the Chairman, and circulate/action the same to all
? Prepare Appointments Schedules for fixed meetings, week/fortnight in advance
? Arrange�meetings as per�Chairmans Schedules / availability.
? Travel arrangements�to�be made as per�Chairmans programs, Coordination with Internal
Travel Desk & Travel Agents.
? Booking of flight Tickets, Hotel Accommodations, Boarding & Lodging, Cabs�to�be
arranged in advance�of travel � with help of travel desk.
? Confidentiality to�be maintained on Confidential matters of the organization.
? Represent Chairman for client communication, when required