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Mumbai, Maharashtra
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? He will be responsible for�Company's Corporate Governance�and�other statutory &�legal�compliances related matters. He must be able to establish�and�drive implementation of Corporate Governance norms to ensure transparency in all operations. Ensure timely compliance of matters related to issue of shares, its transfer, transmission etc. & up to date maintenance of records relating shareholdings etc.. & other statutory records prescribed under the�Companies�Act, I956/2013. He must ensure periodic�and�timely Conduct of Board Meetings, Committee meetings�and�all formalities precedent & succeeding such meetings. Ensure periodic & timely conduct of Annual General Meetings & Extra Ordinary General Meetings�and�all formalities precedent�and�succeeding such meetings. Ensure timely & correct filing ot various forms. returns etc. with, the office of Registrar of�Companies/MCA & related compliances. Ensure compliance with the statutory requirements�and�regulations prescribed under the�Companies�Act, 1956/2013�and�provisions of all other applicable laws.�


Client Introduction
?One of the leading, fastest growing & most reputed, Shipping Agency House in India


?Company secretarial, legal


?experience in managing�Company�Secretarial &�Legal functions.
Membership of the Institute of�Company�Secretaries�of India & Bachelor in Law (LLB) - Masters in Law or Masters in Business Law (desirable).
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