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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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?As a QA & Training Manager you will be responsible for conducting comprehensive on boarding training for new staff on products, processes and systems as well as upgrading skills of Call Centre Execs as per set parameters, driving and monitoring the productivity of new and existing call centre staff for the specific vertical as per benchmarks.

You will also monitor call quality for script adherence and communication on product offering, improve call quality parameters across all the channels whilst driving channel efficiency and the right product mix for the channel through constant feedback, barge ins, mock calls, and administering call calibration sheets and structured training programs. (Refresher trainings and focused group trainings).

You will be able to train, coach and motivate Call Centre Execs and Team Leaders, carry out internal audits to check & ascertain quality of the location on predefined operating guidelines and parameters.

?Leading European MNC based at Hyderabad

Client Introduction
?Leading European MNC based at Hyderabad


?"Training Manager"
"Refresher Training"
"Softskills training"


? Timely induction for 100% new staff

Conducting on boarding training for new staff covering:
Product , process, system training, department operating guidelines, information on HBL HR practices, mock calls and quiz to assess knowledge of the new starter and finally certifying the new starter as per the set standards.
� Call monitoring/Barge Ins & Refresher training

Should drive high call quality levels by structured effort through barge ins & design training calendar & completion of training as scheduled.
Call monitoring for all callers-100% callers to be covered.
� Reverse Feedback.

Structured format of reverse feedback on calls, to ensure callers move up the curve
� Drive Productivity of the Call Centre Execs

Working closely with Call Centre Execs & SM to ensure there is improvement in the overall productivity as per set targets
Working closely with New Joinees & Senior Management to ensure there is improvement in the Sales Productivity as per set benchmarks
� Call Centre Execs skill upgrade.

One on one, refresher trainings and coaching to help Call Centre Exec move up the curve both on quality and performance
� Channel Objectives & Channel efficiency

Ensure & drive channel efficiency by regular feedback & training sessions. Get the right product mix for the channels. Ensure the channel objective is followed
� Regular Audits & Controls

Weekly, Monthly & quarterly audits done to check process adherence from time, to check if control points are in place & ascertaining the quality of the location on predefined parameters
� Call Centre Execs engagement activities

Motivational activities on floor to keep the energy, excitement & engagement on floor.
Weekly, daily and monthly activities being done to motivate Call Centre Execs on floor.
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