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eindhoven, noord-brabant
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Purpose of the job
Optimize processes and solve process problems such that quality is guaranteed in accordance with specifications and the production process can be carried out as efficiently as possible.
Prepared process and quality improvements
- development of process / change proposals put forward by the technical manager and / or other departments for issues within operations
- analysis of existing situations, working methods and other relevant data or define requirements that introduction must meet
- developing opportunities to make immediate improvements and discuss with department responsible
- optimize current equipment
- advising the purchase of new equipment, doing preliminary research
- establish, follow and manage project plan within agreements (cost, capacity, materials needed, lead time, etc.) and report to manager 
- discussing the detailed proposal with direct supervisor 
Process Engineer                                                
• analyzing process technical problems and determine possible causes (machine, material, process, environmental factors, human error, etc.) and contribute to the solution or solve process technical issues that cannot be solved by operators or technicians
• discuss with the (senior) quality officer on product quality and determine the possible root causes of rejection of goods   
•  timeliness of signaling impending problems

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Accomplished process and quality improvements    
•  doing research on anomalies in production, improvement of process control and / or quality control
•  adjusting the process control and/or product quality control within agreed levels
•  determining the effect that the properties of raw materials and specifications of raw materials have on the quality of the product
•  analyzing the production process and research / study conditions (changes in process and process problems) that affect quality of product
•  determining the resulting quality problems.
•  analyzing process and quality problems, find root causes and proposing solutions
•  Fine adjustment of process parameters on the basis of raw material-quality
•  consult c.q. communicate with suppliers on quality of raw materials
•  degree of identifying opportunities for improvement
•  degree of optimal running of the process