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The  Colorado 1640 has a print process based on UV curable ink. This ink is cured by means of LED-lamps. The ink used has unique characteristics, and the curing system has specially been designed for this ink and also has unique characteristics. The curing system comprises of 2 LED-lamps with different functionality and of auxiliary optics (mirrors).
Part one of the assignment of the optical designer is to optimize this optical system further. This optimization is for creating more working latitude for suppressing print quality artefacts and for enabling use of new inks with deviating curing behavior. The research will be done in close collaboration with a cure process researcher.
For a follow-up to the Colorado an extension to the existing curing system has been designed. This extension enables new printing applications on new types of printing media.
Part two of the assignment of the optical designer is optimize and finalize the optical design of this extension. This is about optimizing a mirror system towards better quality (uniformity, etc.) of the imaging beam, about finding solutions for stray light reduction, etc. Also this research will be done in close collaboration with a cure process researcher.
  • Realize optical design (mirror geometry) that fulfills optical requirements coming from cure process research.
  • Realize optical design that fulfills requirements coming from mechanical engineering at that is within cost price target.
  • Sharpen the optical design requirements (in cooperation with cure process and mechanical engineering) towards an overall best balanced functional decomposition.
  • Multidisciplinary Function Team consisting of 7 people. Physics, Chemistry, Electronics. Ph.D,, Master, Bachelor.
  • Embedded in larger project team (50-100 people). Close collaboration with Mechanical Design Team and Process Architecture Team.

We will boost your career through personal and technical growth. We will support you by offering a personal coach and the possibility to follow courses and training via our highly recommended Yacht Academy. We will offer interesting benefits and a market conform salary. You are a member of the team of professionals who share your education, ambitions and your competencies. This will enable you to interact with your colleagues from Yacht in your own technology language! You will become a member of the yacht network, which stretches the high tech industry. You will be challenged by your peers. As a result you will be able to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date!


Some specific requirements
  • Profound knowledge of optical design basics.
  • Profound knowledge of and experience with design of mirror optics for line light sources.
  • Profound knowledge of and experience with optical design software (ray tracing software), preferably Zemax.
  • Experience with design in short cycles (short iterations, no big bang;).
  • Strong analytical and pragmatic attitude of working.
  • Experience with optical designs at low cost (no optical parts like lenses that cost above $100).
  • Willing to participate in optical measurements.
  • Preferred: Physics. Eventual: Mechanics.
  • Master Degree. Eventual: Excellent Bachelor.